Living Space

I’m finally getting around to posting some more pictures of the house.  I used white for all the walls, trim and cabinets to keep it basic and very neutral.  I then went nuts and added every color in the spectrum to make it bright and fun.  I wanted the house to be eclectic and bohemian but still really clean.  I’m really happy with how it turned out.


^^^ We took down the wall separating the living room from the dining room and made it one big open space.

^^^ We made that opening on the left and turned it from the garage into a movie room/ playroom.


Summer lovin’

We ended up in California for the 4th.  I was worried about the crowds but it wasn’t busy at all.  We had a blast!  We watched fireworks from the golf course at our hotel.  I love starting new traditions.  We planned on staying until Monday, heading home for a week and coming back the week after.  I decided to just stay for the next two weeks instead of battling that long drive three more times.  Ivan went home and flew back for the last week.  He ended up surprising me and coming three days early.  I love surprises and that was one of the best!  We lived at the beach all day and the kids slept so good at night.  The older kids are so brave they love the ocean, they could never leave and Jack is a dream at the beach.  He wanders around like a little drunk man falling in the sand.  I can’t believe summers almost over.  School’s around the corner.  I’m not ready.

^^^ Lost my sunglasses in a killer wave
^^^ Shake Shack, a favorite
^^^Cousin time
^^^I put the same sunscreen on these two
^^^We missed him
^^^Ragin Cajun from Big Belly Deli
^^^I love her free spirit
^^^Lucha Libre in San Diego
^^^Visited friends in San Elijo
^^^Henri’s sunflower, hes so creative
^^^Sleeping on the beach
^^^First frozen banana
^^^Santa Barbara.  La Super-Rica Taqueria. Get the #16.  The best Mexican food I’ve found in California to date.
^^^Our last night.  One of the best nights I’ve had.  We made a last minute stop at the beach right after sunset.  The weather was beautiful, we had the beach to ourselves. These crazies went for a swim and had the time of their life.  Summers been good.

Hall bathroom and Jack’s room

I tried to keep everything in the house neutral and use accessories for pops of color.  That way if I change my mind I can easily get rid of that color and move on to the next.  My kids call this house the “white house” in a very wahhh wahhh voice.  Like its the worst thing ever.  I’m so happy I went with all white.  I think in a small space white makes it look so much bigger and less like the dungeon.  I used the same cabinets and marble throughout the whole house.  I kept everything simple and clean.  I’m becoming a professional on minimalism.  I’ll post on that another day.  You really can live with less and be really happy about it.  Less clutter in your house = less clutter in your head.  I promise.

Ive already posted a few pictures of Jack’s room but here’s the whole thing.  I got rid of all the noisy, annoying toys and narrowed it down to those two baskets and a shelf full of books.  I once had a giant playroom overflowing with toys and kids who thought they had nothing to do.  Minimizing the clutter actually makes them able to see the toys they have and be content with only a few things.


Kitchen Remodel

Remember this really old really gross kitchen?  Well we finally completed the remodel.  I’m still on the hunt for cabinet pulls and knobs but everything else is done!  We kept all the appliances in the same spot, just updated everything.
Here it is!  I’m pretty in love.  We took out the soffit above the cabinets to raise up the ceiling.  We also straightened out the island.  The previous owner had it at an angle.
^^^ Initially when I told Ivan I was putting the microwave in the island he said I was nuts.  I don’t love the look of a microwave and rarely use it.  So this is the perfect spot for it.  He likes it now too.
I went back and forth with where to stop the back splash.  I decided to take it all the way to the ceiling above the window and continued it on the whole wall going above the door.
We used a dutch door for our front door and I love it so much I got one for our back door too.
Big shout out to my husband!!  He let me do what I wanted with the kitchen with little complaint.  And come on, his work is pretty dang awesome!!


Sometime you just gotta get away.  When its too hot and the sun is scorching your face off every time you step outside.  This time of year the seat belts burn and the the car never really cools off.  Really there is no escaping the heat.  Unless you like to sit in your house all day in the cool air-conditioning.  I do not.  So the kids and I headed to California.  I told Ivan I’d stay until I was on the brink of insanity.  We left Tuesday morning and came back Friday night.  I would have stayed longer, the kids were great and we were having fun but we have wedding stuff all next week.  Ivan’s brother is getting married and we love his fiancé.  Whoop whoop!  Anyways, I figured I better get a weekend in before it was back to work for Ivan and back to mom mode in this rotten heat for me.  Every time we go to California I want to move there.  There’s something about the ocean that is so peaceful.  The kids and I woke up got our suits on and headed to the beach.  They played, even Jack played and was so content.  Jack can be tricky sometimes he likes to crawl around the house and tear stuff up other times he’s at my ankles crying most of the day.  In California he was great, he played and he was happy and life was just good.  Maybe someday I’ll get my wish and I’ll live in California.  I know I know, Its expensive and work is here and family is here.  But who doesn’t love an adventure?!  We’ll hang out at the beach all day and take our sandy buns back to the house and the kids will help me make dinner.  I told Ivan I’ll sell my car get an old blazer chop the top off and cruise Cali.  I digress, the trip was great the kids were awesome and we got to see my sister and her family.  How I miss them so much.


This Week

^^^ Fever all week.  The time we actually left the house he went naked.
^^^ Swimming at Grandma’s.  Pre fever
^^^ Another shot of Jack’s room.  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.
^^^ Sometimes you just need something new.  This dress made it into my bag.  Its super comfortable and since its 10 million degrees outside this keeps me cool.
^^^ Pearl got a haircut.  This is the shortest we’ve ever gone with her.  Not sure how I feel about it.
^^^ Celebrated Ivan’s birthday two days early.  Just the two of us.  It was pretty great until he started throwing up 6 hours later.
^^^ Walked in the sweltering heat.  Anything to get outside.
^^^ Realized I left our leftover out over night, yeah that sucked.
^^^ Burning this candle everyday.  I know it sounds weird but really its good if you like that woodsy smell.
^^^ Spending summer break rotting our brains.
Teething, it sucks.
^^^ This outfit on repeat.  Every.  Single.  Day.  Along with do I look like Elsa?

Mothers Day

This may be the most random mix of pictures but I can’t let this day go undocumented. This Mothers day Ivan’s mom was out of town so we ended up going to Pine to be with my family.  I never imagined what a blessing motherhood would be.  I love seeing these babes change and grow into their own.  The days can be monotonous.  Wiping rear ends and picking food out of the rug can get old.  But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Raising these amazing little babies really is amazing.  They’re funny and witty, they crack me up and bring me to tears all at the same time.  I could have a baby in the home for the rest of my life and be completely happy.  I love being able to stay home and raise them.  I am so grateful to Ivan for that.  The days are long but the years are short.  I’m trying to cherish these long days.  Happy Mothers Day to all the mommas out there.


We love going to Oregon to visit Grandma and Grandpa Raile.  Their house on the coast is so relaxing.  This year Grandma had to fly back to Az last minute so we had her house to ourselves.  We stayed in Oregon half the week and then decided to head up to Seattle the other half.  Man I love that city.  A big city will a small town feel.  So much good food and so fun to wander around.


Life Lately

I’m getting used to this small house, farm living life.  When we first started looking for a house we both agreed we needed more space.  We had slowly downsized the past few houses from 4,000 sq. ft to 2,400 and we were dying in that.  When we saw this house I just knew this was the one.  It was small we even left and laughed that there was no way.  Before we got home I told Ivan to go back.  I said I think it can work.  My sister lives in California and everything in California is on a much smaller scale.  So when I told her the size of our house she laughed and said that would be like a mansion to them.  She’s helped me realize we live in excess.  We buy more and more junk and fill up our houses until they are cluttered and we are constantly cleaning just to keep the clutter at bay.  Why do we torture ourselves?  Why do we hang on to useless crap?  Do you ever go to a hotel and think, I could live like this?  This is actually really nice, I have what I need.  I do.  So Ive been on a quest to de-clutter the house, get rid of stuff and simplify.  Can I just tell you how freeing it is.  I still have a ways to go.  But man have I gotten rid of so much stuff and its like a weight lifted.  You should try it. Just watch an episode of hoarders buried alive.  It’ll get your buns cleaning in no time.  I love having my family so close together in this house, it doesn’t feel small because we spend so much time outside.  Which is one thing we never did in our last tiny backyard.  We are on over an acre and we have huge trees that sway in the wind, I really love that sound.  Its peaceful in the backyard.  I feel like I’m in a small town but I get to be right in the middle of the city.  Its pretty perfect.



Oh Elle I don’t even know where to begin with you.  You are my best girlfriend, I’m lucky to get to spend my days with you.  You make me laugh harder than anyone I know.  You can’t wait to be a big girl.  You want to wear makeup and get your ears pierced.  You can use an entire tube of lipstick in one sitting.  You wear a dress everyday and wish you could wear a bikini instead.  You want a “boobie holder.”  You have no filter.  You also talk louder than anyone ever should with your high voice and I can’t get enough.  You make friends with everyone, especially grown ups.  You’re best buddy is our neighbor Jack who’s in his 70’s.  You are so so sweet and kind.  You are sensitive.  You want everyone to be happy.  You really are a grown up trapped in a tiny body.  You have your dad wrapped around your finger and I’m pretty sure he’s never said the word “no” to you.  You memorize songs, I can tell when you’re doing it by the look on your face.  You are so smart and love drawing.  I hope you never ever change.  I love you so bad Ellie B.

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