walking downtown - 5


i’ve been doing a lot of eating (i mean research) lately. trying to find our new favorite places to grab a bite to eat in our new town. here are a few that we will be visiting again soon.


red mill burgers- i mentioned this place last week. the burgers + fries were pretty good.

redmill burgers - 3

tup tim thai- we’ve eaten here twice already. we loved the chicken panang + fried rice. did not love the pad see ew, that was a total bummer since thats usually my favorite thai dish. this one lacked flavor. our first time we asked for medium spicy, on a scale of 1-5 i think we said 3. not nearly as spicy as we were used to back home. why is everyone scared of spicy here?? anyways we upped it to a 4-5, much better. just a side note if you like spicy.


oasis bagel- the kids and i went friday for dinner after talking with a friend from NYC earlier in the day, filling me in on the best bagel in seattle. i loved the everything bagel with scallion cream cheese. the kids loved it too.


nielsens danish bakery- the potato!!! oh man, this was amazing. we ordered 3. i may have eaten most of them. the name is sort of a turn off but try it anyways. you won’t regret it!! it’s a pastry filled with custard + whipped cream covered in marzipan then dusted in dutch cocoa powder. its heaven. we got a snitter too, it was good but the potato was amazing.


ellenos– i also mentioned this one last week. we got it again at the farmers market by our house. they were out of the marionberry with crumble so we got the lemon curd. also really good!

walking downtown - 5

mr. d’s greek delicacies- we got gyros from here. i really like the hot sauce they have in a squeeze bottle on the counter. i also loved the dolamdes. i didn’t love the hummus, too lemony.

walking downtown - 4

uneeda burger- the ingredients were really fresh + the meat was great quality. i tried poutine for the first time here. i like it. the outdoor seating is perfect for seattle in the summer.


if you only try one thing from this list, try the the potato! it will rock your world!!

farmers market


our little neighborhood in seattle has a farmers market each week. each of the neighborhoods has their own on different days. we decided to walk down and bring pearl. i think it wore her out. she laid around for the rest of the day (ha!) it was hot too. luckily all the shops along the main street have doggy stops with water bowls for her to get a drink and cool down. the neighborhood farmers markets are really great. not nearly as busy as pike place but has a lot of the great food pike’s has to offer. the walk there is always fun. lots of exploring and looking around. while the walk home is usually more mellow + talking about whats on the kids minds.farmers market - 1 farmers market - 2 farmers market

we had to stop and grab a yogurt at the ellenos stand. the marionberry pie is still our fav. lemon curd is a close secondfarmers market

we’ve heard about nosh, supposedly the best fish and chips in the city. its a food truck and the few times we looked for them they weren’t close by. so when we found the truck at the farmers market we had to give it a try. the best fish and chips i have ever had!! even better than the bow picker in astoria. the tartar sauce was heaven. the fish was so light + crispy. fries were great. even the mushy peas weren’t bad. if you spot the nosh truck don’t pass it up!!farmers market farmers market - 7

discovery park - 3


the parks in seattle are amazing. probably because if you’re lucky enough to have a yard its tiny. we took the kids over to discovery park the other night while ava had a church activity to attend. if you park by the visitors center you can walk the trail over to the tennis + basketball courts and the playground. the zip line ended up being a total hit with henri + elle while jack loved the big yellow swing. we had the whole place to ourselves and the kids had a blast!

discovery park - 1 discovery park - 2 discovery park - 3 discovery park discovery park discovery park - 6

jack was having terrible social anxiety. he would scream and cry every time a stranger walked by. he’d yell “mooooooomma, person..person.” crying the whole way to me. initially it broke my heart then i started wondering if i need to take him to a doctor or someone that can help us get through it. luckily he seems to be over it and doing much better. i think it was too many changes all at once. i was talking pictures of him when someone walked by and he freaked. i got a few shots of him before scooping him up. this is real life and i don’t want to forget these moments. the good and the bad.

discovery park - 7

here he is, happy again. the person had walked by and he was back to his normal self. how quickly kids forget!

snow goose produce


we headed up to mount vernon for a day trip before ivan headed back to az to grab his work truck + trailer along with the few belongings we have. i thought it would be great to get in one last trip before he gets back to full time work. the great thing about washington is there are so many beautiful places so close by. we have the best of both worlds, minutes from the big city + beautiful forest in our backyard. it feels like a constant adventure.

snow goose produce

blackberry bushes run rampant here. they’re on every corner. its funny to me to see people just walk up and grab a handful. although i don’t think they are completely in season until next month. but you can definitely find a few ripe ones.

snow goose produce

jack was so proud of himself and his blackberry. we’ve gone over all the poisonous berries and i hope i’ve taught them not to just pick + eat anything they find. they have to ask first.

snow goose produce snow goose produce

if i hand enough room i’d buy every one of these. just ask ivan. he says i have a basket hoarding problem. i’d say its borderline a problem.

snow goose produce

another ice-cream stop. why is it that everywhere has ice cream up here?

snow goose produce

i’m not sure she actually ever cares about the flavor. she picks based off color.

snow goose produce - 08

somehow he always manages to get a hold of my ice cream and won’t give it back.

snow goose produce

ava loves to wander off. this time it was to look at all the flowers + plants. i promised her a garden when we are settled in. her love for nature makes this mama happy. she has such a pure heart.

snow goose produce snow goose produce

i love a good farm stand. i’m always drawn to them. the vibrant colors + shapes. really beautiful.

snow goose produce snow goose produce snow goose producehow cute is this little basket? perfect size for little hands. jack looked so cute carrying one around too. mt. vernon is really pretty. a lot of beautiful barns + adorable houses. i told ivan i could live there. its removed from the city but not too far. we are having so much fun exploring our new state. washington truly is one of the most beautiful places i have been to.


henri is still doing great! we’ve talked about starting him in a grass sport. i’m a little hesitant but his asthma doctor assured me that arizona grass pollenates year round where washington only does for 6 weeks. i’m pretty sure thats why all the grass is dead here. that means it shouldn’t affect him at all. i’ll take it and i know he’d love to play sports and not have his asthma flare up.


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