we’ve been doing a lot of ring around the rosy or as jack calls it “raisin” “raisin, mama. raisin”

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ivan took me out for a sushi date so naturally we had to bring the kids a few rolls home.  i’m so happy when they are adventurous with food.


henri lost another tooth.  ava did too but somehow i missed taking a picture.  the tooth fairy was busy at our house all weekend.


we went up to pine for mothers day.  this is my dad pushing my nephew and niece on the swings.  this picture makes me so happy.


i love jacks imagination.  we stopped at one of ivan’s jobs saturday morning on our way to breakfast.  jack and i played in the grass out front.  he loves this truck he got for his birthday.  he had to drive it through the big grass.


jack loves the new baby chicks.  they’re so cute and he’s so cute with them.  “here baby chicks. you hungry”  they all follow him and he gives them food.


i love mothers day cards from the kids.  i love hearing how old they think i am + what my favorite things are.  it really is the best part of mothers day.


i hope all you mama’s out there had a great mothers day.  i know mine was just perfect.  i seem to only have pictures of jack.  i really need to work on that.  typically its the last child that doesn’t have baby pictures or at least that was the case for me growing up.  i don’t know what i looked like until kindergarten.  not over here, jacks hogging up the camera.  really he’s always by my side while the others are off playing.  i can’t wait for school to end and to have all my babes with me.  less than a week and a half, i’m ready and so are they.



tarts glorious tarts!  these are a favorite around here.  they’re so simple yet look so pretty that i whip a batch up almost every time i’m asked to bring a dessert.






4 sticks of butter (melted)

4 c. flour

1 1/2 c. powdered sugar


combine ingredients in a bowl

roll into balls and place in tart pan (make balls about the size of a bouncy ball)

then press down with a tart tamper (you can find one on amazon)




3 8oz cream cheese (softened)

1 can sweetened condensed milk

1/3 c. lemon juice


beat together and refrigerate filling for a few hours


fill tarts with filling and top with one comstock cherry (pie filling)

then try to not eat the whole pan.  i dare ya!







lately i’ve been in a mood.  i’ve got a lot going on in my head.  too much going on in my head.  i feel out of sorts.  i hate feeling this way.  i hate feeling like things are beyond my control.  i’m a pretty fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl which makes me most happy, but its because i’m making the decision to not have a plan.  waiting around for things beyond my control torture me.  i have a lot going on with commitments and family and life in general, like we all do.  but lately it feels like too much.  i’m ready for school to be over.  i’m ready to have no commitments.  sometimes its nice to just wake up and decide what you want to do that day, not already have 10 places you have to be.  today my only activity is tonight when i have to speak at a rs activity about journaling.  i thought why not sit and journal about how i’m feeling at this very moment.  though this isn’t a personal journal this is my life. the good and the bad.  its the season i’m in and i have to remind myself its a good one.  the booger noses and spilled drinks.  they’re all good.  theres nothing id rather be doing.  not one single thing.  so i’m trying to slow it all down.  stop fighting it, stop rushing through it.  because who cares if i’m still in my pajamas or my car is a mess.  not me.  but i do care that my kids know i love them.  that my husband knows i’m here for him and i’m happy.  i love this life.  i took the kids to visit my uncle mark at the cemetery today.  its been 19 years to the day since he passed away.  how’d that fly by so fast?  his kids are grown.  they were babies when he passed.  i was 12.  i remember so many details of his last bit of life.  he was the first person i was really really close with to pass away.  mark is my dads baby brother.  he looked like my dad.  he was kind and funny he would play card games with me every weekend.  he was passed away from brain cancer.  i remember the surgeries and scars.  i remember hospital visits and eventually hospice.  i can’t imagine knowing you’re going to die.  knowing you’re leaving your babies here.  knowing you won’t see them graduate or get married.  wondering how much of you they will remember.  he was only 35 when he passed away.  as i get older i realize just how young he was.  how short his life was.  today i took my babies to put flowers on his grave, i wish they could’ve met him.  i wish they could play cards with him.  death is hard.  his death was really hard.  i remember speaking at his funeral about how much he meant to me.  how much he touched my life, tears streaming down my face trying to get through the talk i wrote.  some people impact you so much even after they are gone.  that was my uncle mark for me.


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