i remember when we were in the hospital with jack.  after his open heart surgery we had a lot of struggles with getting him to eat.  i nursed him and when he was put on a feeding tube i pumped.  until he had a leak in his lymphatic system and had to be put on fat free formula.  he hated it, it upset his stomach.  he would scream and cry for hours.  i remember the nurse telling me “heart babies are difficult babies.”  i was eventually able to nurse him again thank goodness because he had a very sensitive stomach and couldn’t tolerate any formula.

so we nursed and nursed and around six months i introduced solid foods.  he loved them until he didn’t.  he’s a picky eater.  he has texture issues.  he can gag on a dime and throw up even faster.  he will gag at the sight of certain foods.  so we get creative.  i don’t push foods.  i know if i push him to eat a green bean everything else he ate will come right back up too and then we are back at square one.  we had a food therapist come in and she told me to take the pressure off.  make eating fun.  she put food all over the table which is not something i ever would have done.  but when you’re dealing with a baby falling off its growth chart you will do anything they tell you.  so i lay back and i let him choose.  i put out healthy options and i wait.  somedays he eats great and others he barely eats at all.  i’ve come to the realization that the less pressure i put on the situation the better for us both.




anything i can do to make eating fun i will.  when i saw this nuby monster plate and spoon set i knew jack would love it.  he’s into anything monster right now.  he gets so excited for his monster plate and if i can make eating an enjoyable experience my job is done.  i love the side grips on the plate making it easy for him to carry.  the fork and spoon are perfect for little hands and make learning to use utensils easy.  i love the bright colors and design.  if you want to purchase these product you can find them here and here.





i was sent this product to review, but all opinions are my own.




white chocolate grill in scottsdale, az is a favorite of ours and when we take our friends it becomes a favorite of theirs too.  when i find what i like at a restaurant i don’t venture out much, unless i get a recommendation and then still i’m hesitant.  i typically stick with that same item and go to that restaurant for that specific craving.  wch grill has a few  favorites and i rotate between them.

first ivan and i both get the tomato gin soup.  its a tomato soup with mushrooms + bacon and spices.  its our favorite soup and even friends who don’t like mushrooms love this soup.

Tomato gin soup

spit roasted turkey sandwich with mushroom gravy and a side of carrots.  this is the first thing i tried at white chocolate grill and i still really love it.  the sandwich is amazing.  the turkey is thin sliced with melted cheese and the bread is delicious.  it comes with a dipping gravy and the carrots are the best i’ve ever had.


filet mignon cobb salad.  lettuce + blue cheese + eggs + mushrooms + tomato + bacon + filet mignon + avocado.  everything a salad should be.  its huge so you can easily share it.

banana cream pie  i’d come just for this.  a waitress gave me a free one of these to try once and i’ve been hooked ever since.  its graham cracker crust + vanilla cream + bananas + white chocolate shavings + caramel + whipped cream.  i’m not a big pie person but i think because this isn’t a traditional pie crust i love it so.


next time you’re looking for a new place to eat give white chocolate grill a try and let me know what you think.





got these new illesteva sunglasses.  i absolutely love them.


initially the chickens made her really nervous.  now i see her out there holding them, petting them.  its really sweet.


our neighbor gave us goose eggs to paint for easter.  if you haven’t seen one in person they’re huge and heavy.  the kids had a lot of fun drawing on them.  they ate them too and said they were good.  i’ll take their word for it.


jack loves watching kinder egg videos on youtube.  its becoming and obsession.


cheering ava on at tennis.  he just yells hi ava the whole time.  its really cute.


it was all fun and games letting jack crash into them with the baby doll stroller until henri got it good.  that’ll teach ya!


ironically we didn’t have church on easter we watched it on tv.  so this was our week before easter church picture.  minus new easter outfits.

IMG_5076 IMG_4722

he’s finally starting to pretend play.  i love watching his imagination grow.


i love this swing in the yard.  so does jack.


elle’s date night at zin burger.


catching up on missed homework from being in mexico.  neither one of us was very thrilled.



we had cousins in town for easter.  jack and amelie on the piano.


elle doing ami’s makeup.


ava, always the animal lover.


date night with ava, i love that she still loves little girl things.  i know these days are numbered so ill take as many as i can get.


would you believe me if i told you we are finally celebrating henri’s birthday.  only 4 months later.  christmas day is just a hard day to have a birthday.  anyone else with a christmas birthday out there have any advice for me?  im struggling.

feta dip


i love this as an alternative to traditional bruschetta.  its a quick easy lunch or the perfect snack or appetizer.  i found this recipe years ago on pinterest.  i tried to source it and my best guess is it came from clover lane but im not positive.  wherever it came from its a keeper.




3 tomatoes

1 small bunch of green onions

olive oil

block of feta, crumbled

3 tsp cavenders all purpose greek seasoning

loaf of bread, i prefer french


dice up your tomatoes and onions, layer on a tray

cover with olive oil

crumble feta over the top and sprinkle with 3 tsp of cavenders

dip your bread in and enjoy!







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