we took the kids camping friday night.  can i even call it camping if we drove home in the middle of the night?  i guess i should say we attempted to take the kids camping friday night.  it was going really well until around 10:30.  then jack woke up and it all went down hill, fast!  we ended up driving home around 11:30.

it was fun while it lasted.  we set up camp and the kids played in the stream.  we had hot dogs for dinner.  we ate all sorts of junk food.  funny thing, i don’t usually buy junk food to have at the house. so while i was at the grocery store loading up on hot dogs + chips + candy and all other things junk, i actually felt like i was doing something really bad.  hoping no one would see me.  we roasted marshmallows and sat around the fire.  i decided if all else fails in this life i know one thing for certain, i am good at roasting marshmallows.  like really good.  i can make your marshmallow perfectly toasted on the outside and warm and gooey on the inside.  i’ve also decided that poking at the fire with a stick is therapeutic and addicting.  so i did that most of the night.

last week i was helping ava with some papers she’s supposed to fill out for church and i asked her what her fondest childhood  memory is.  she said that jack lived.  i asked again.  i said no like whats something that was really fun or sticks out in your mind.  she said that jack lived.  that was it, that was the one.  i know their memories aren’t like a lot of children’s.  we’ve spent a lot of time in survival mode.  but these memories are ours and they’re good.

i also realized something that i already knew but didn’t really really realize it until friday night.  these kids love each other so so much and they look out for each other so much.  they’ve got each others backs like nobodies business.  every single one of them looks out for jack.  they’ve had an experience few have to go through but that experience, though the hardest in our lives, i now realize has been a blessing greater than we could have ever imagined.  these kids know what its like to watch someone die. they know the pain.  its very real to them.  they prayed and begged and pleaded the way i did for jack.  they also know what it feels like to have your prayers answered.



jack found this hat from last winter.  its a tad too small but he still looks cute.  elle and henri both had a doctor’s appointment.  hen’s still allergic to peanuts.  as the years go on the odds aren’t looking good.  i’m pretty bummed but what can you do.
the rain this weekend was out of control, again.  this year the monsoons have been epic.  jack loves the bath.  its my go to when he’s crabby.  he somehow managed to get chocolate milk on his face in the form of a uni brow.
the chop choo that you can hear from our house scares him every time.  its a mix of excitement and terror.  sweetcakes got a makeover and i can say it looks pretty darn good.  this weather is so good we can now take walks outside and not melt.
  jacks becoming more independent and elle not so much.  jack needs a haircut but will not be getting one.
october is my very favorite month.  the cool weather.  the holidays right around the corner.  i really love it all.  i’ve got two more sessions with my trainer.  then what?  i don’t know.  hopefully i can stick with working out on my own.
i really need to take more pictures of the the older kids.  i guess life is just a little crazy when all four are home and taking pictures isn’t first priority.  it needs to move up on the list.


we went to carolinas for dinner friday night.  man i love that place, the machaca and buttered tortillas are worth the drive.  we ended up stopping by one of ivans worker turned friends house who lives over there.  as we pulled up the ice-cream man was driving by.  haven’t seen one of those in a while.  needless to say we had to stop him and get some dessert.  jacks getting good and pointing out animals in his books when i say their name.  he’s also starting to say a few himself.  i love this outdoor floor.  we are going back and forth with what to do in the front.  i don’t like the idea of cement in the u shaped drive, this might just be my answer.  jack helping me find a cover for my new iphone.  gno with my best girls.  jacks smile kills me every time.
these two have become best friends.  jack loves to be pushed around in this little stroller.  jack started running, leading to lots of collisions and lots of laughs.  when people try to tell me the weather is only bad for three months in az i’ll show them this picture.  its the end of september and we are still sweating bullets.  we’ve had lots of playdates these last few weeks.  these friends are moving to utah.  these three and my three match up perfectly in age and gender.  that never happens.  we are sad to see them go.  breathing treatments have started in the huntington household.


friday night was a daddy + daughter camp out for our old ward and since ivans friends/business partners are in the ward he decided to take the girls.
i got a chance to be with my boys.  so we went to the mall and ate a gourmet dinner at the golden arches.  per henri’s request.  then took jack hat shopping which he thoroughly loved and we found very entertaining.  its still 105, you know perfect weather for a warm hat.

we then made our way over to the lego store.  kid heaven.  henri convinced me he needed the guardian’s of the galaxy set.  I’m not even sure how he knew what that was.  but we got it and i quickly became mother of the year.

jack decided to attempt climbing the bunk beds.  this is as far as he could get.  we’ve got to work on that upper body strength.

the boys clobbered me.  i got a finger up the nose a few times and maybe one in the eye.

then we attempted some shots of us playing.  you know the “sit and act natural, no stop jumping in front of the camera, c’mon just give me one good shot” kind of pictures.

we got this picture of papa and the girls sent to us.
i thought donuts for breakfast sounded perfect.  henri thought pancakes.  he won.  pancakes it is.

jack likes to eat crayons.  why is it that i can barely get him to eat real food but he’ll eat gross things like crayons toilet paper, dirt, markers?  all the things you shouldn’t eat.

we stayed up late working on our legos and got right back to it in the morning.  jack had to get his little boy legos out.
i had a really great time with the boys.  its nice to separate them into groups or only take one.  i get so much more time getting to talk and really see their personalities.  when they’re all together it sometimes feels like more damage control than anything else.


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