happy birthday to my first babe! you stole my heart 11 years ago. you’re sweet and kind. funny and caring. you love animals and little kids. you’re always helpful. you love helping out and love being in charge even more. you went on your first away field trip and realized just how much you like being home. you’re so creative. you love sewing and knitting. crafting and drawing. you’re really good at them too. you read more than anyone i know. i can’t order new books as fast as you read them. you are so smart and you are mine! i know you’ll read this, you love looking back over the years on this blog and thats why i do it. for you. know that you’ve brought more joy to my life than i could’ve ever wished for. 11 of the best years of my life! love you so bad sis.



i was sort at a loss of what to do for ava’s birthday. our house is too small to have a big party. the weather in november is unpredictable so planning a party at a park seemed like a bad idea. there aren’t many game/play places like back home. so we decided on a movie. lots of popcorn, sugary drinks and candy. we picked up as many friends as we could fit in the car, drove downtown and watched the peanuts movie. we decided to only take kids from school and her very best friend, we are working on making friends at school and thought this would be a great way to do just that. she’s got a great group of church friends. she was so sweet and invited two boys. one we found out had never been to the movies. i was so proud of ava for inviting him and another boy so he wouldn’t feel weird with all girls. she’s so thoughtful that way. he was so kind too and told us how much fun he had. after the movie i took the kids to the park and let them run around to burn off all that sugar before i took them back to their parents. in all i’d say the birthday was a success!



seattle has got to best the best place to trick or treat! the city is so beautiful in the fall. the trees, the cool weather the overcast skies. its all very dreamy. i’ve lost all control picking out ava’s costume but she decided on a really cute one on her own this year. of course i always want the kids to coordinate but they don’t and thats a battle i don’t care enough to win. henri had his heart set on a sumo wrestler which i thought was cute and so fitting of his personality. they got to bring their costumes to school and dress up in them the last hour of the day for their party. i showed up for his party and he told me he didnt want to put his costume on. he was worried what one boy was going to say. i mentioned it to the teacher and she gave a little speech on being respectful and kind to each other. he ended up putting it on and i was so glad he did. everyone loved his costume including the kid he was worried about. elle wanted to be anything fancy and jack didn’t care so they were frankenstein and the bride of frankenstein. i really loved their costumes!



jacks other costume was a minion. he’s obsessed with them and calls them minyets. he wandered the streets of capitol hill as a minion.



the kids school had a halloween bash. we all had a great time. jack figured out how to win the marshmallow eating contest.






i really need to start using my camera. i phone pics just aren’t great. especially at night. this is the best i got of them all together. those leaves!!



we were heading to dinner after trick or treating and stumbled into this halloween parade in freemont. police escorts shut down the street to let them pass so we got to watch the whole thing.



jack insisted on trying on henri’s costume and he loved it!










we spent the day in west seattle. i haven’t spent too much time over there but the time we have has been really fun. we had lunch at husky’s deli. its a cute little convenience store/ sandwich/ ice cream shop. we grabbed sandwiches and wandered the store. that candy case is impressive. a lot of people seemed to be coming in just for the ice cream but the line was long by the time we were done eating so we thought we’d save it for another day.


one of the most beautiful parks in the seattle area is lincoln park. its easily one of our favorite place to explore outdoors. the trees are enormous and beautiful. the colors are striking. the kids could spend all day there. henri in his socks and birks! he’s just trying to fit right in. ha! i give up trying with these kids.


the first time we came to licoln park was on vacation in the fall and let me tell you these tree’s were the most beautiful shades of yellow. its worth spending a day in this park.





i called our previous cardiologist that we loved back in az. dr. stock and asked him for a recommendation for a cardiologist here in seattle. he gave me the name of one he highly recommended and actually did rotations with when they were in school together. it’s a scary thing leaving a doctor you love and who knows everything about your baby. dr. stock was the first cardiologist we talked to once we got the diagnosis. he sat down and drew a picture for me of jacks heart and a healthy heart. he explained every detail of jacks surgery. he answered all my questions. we formed a bond and felt nervous moving on to a new doctor and new hospital. we thought about keeping dr. stock and making the trip back to az for check ups. we were still watching his asd and weren’t sure if it would need to be closed or close on its own. needless to say we knew we needed a doctor close to home if he did need another surgery we wanted it to be with a doctor we established care with and in a hospital here where we could be together as a family. not thousands of miles away.

we went to jacks appointment nervous. hoping his asd closed on its own but preparing that if it hadn’t this would be the time they would make the decision to close it. he did so great sitting through his ekg and ultra sound. it felt like it was dragging on forever. i laid next to him and sang songs, fed him snack and watched tv. waiting for the doctor to come in feels like torture. we met the doctor and he told us his asd closed!!! no surgery. the biggest relief ever. we go back in a year for another checkup. he’s cleared to be as active as he wants and has no restrictions. this miracle baby is one tough guy.


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