we made our way through every park in the city this summer. we’ve got a list of favorites now that i keep handy when we need a day out. summer in seattle is the greatest! i say this now as i sit here in a down jacket freezing in my house. gosh i’m a wimp! i give everyone a good laugh with my 3 jackets, wool socks, beanie, scarf and anything else i can get on. its that arizona blood. its been in the low 40’s and sunny this past week. so yes i know it’s not really cold. just cold for me. i sit and dream of summer. i can’t wait for more days spent in short sleeves at the park.



we spent lots of time at the movie theater this summer. that popcorn is as big as elle! ha! waiting for the bus is always an interesting time.





lots of bus rides. jack thinks its the greatest time ever. he just sprawls out on those seats like he owns the place. i’m asked daily if i’m the nanny? if all those kids are mine? if they’re biologically mine? how old am i cause i look way too young? i laugh everytime one of elle’s friends ask me if i’m her nanny. i just clarified to a group of moms at school that i am indeed the mom and not the nanny. they didn’t believe me. we really are a sight to see wandering the city. i feel like i’m herding cats. they’re starting to get the hang of it though. they now know we don’t just dart into traffic. theres no running around in the road. back home our street was quiet and you could ride your scooter around. its fun to see them all race up to the edge of the sidewalk, stop and turn around to wait for me to catch up. they are actually listening and learning something! now if i can just get them to put their dishes in the sink without me asking. i think we are getting this place down.



i really miss the neighborhood farmers market. i think they re-open in april and we will be there! after henri’s soccer practice we’d walk over to have dinner on the lawn with the rest of the neighborhood. the kids would run around with all their friends from school. i love the sense of community in our neighborhood. we live in what feels like a small town in this big city.






my sister came for a visit way back in august, i think. gosh i’m so far behind. we’ve been having too much fun in seattle and i’ve been slacking on documenting it. i don’t know how long we are here, it could be forever it could be a few years. i’m going to make a better effort at documenting our life here. if for nothing other than being able to look back at these years in this city with these babes and of course for you mom and kellie! my sister lives in orange county and was the first of our visitors. we were so excited to have them come up. my kids look at her kids like their own sibling and have so much fun with them. we took them around the city and did all the touristy things. of course we had only been here a month at that time so i really feel like they need to come back up and i can give them an even better tour of the city!



the gum wall! because you can’t come to seattle and not see the gum wall. they just cleaned it all off a month or so ago. it needed a cleaning it was pretty gross.



theses girls!! i can’t take it, they are so cute together and i think they look like sister. we wandered volunteer park. the kids climbed the trees for hours. such a beautiful park.



we made a trip down to portland. ate tacos at porque no because why not?! wandered the city for a while and then headed back. portland is great but really seattle is better!! i say that with love. lots of it.



a trip to golden gardens for a fire in the pit and dinner at sunset. i can’t believe the kids get in that icy water and really this beach is nothing compared to where my sister lives but hey its close by and watching the sailboats is pretty great. you can also see an orca every so often.



the mother load of all fountains! the international fountain at the seattle center is so much fun. initially jack was a little nervous but he eventually warmed up and was in heaven. the water shoots something like 120 feet in the air. its pretty crazy and a great place to spend a warm afternoon.



just look at that face! so happy!! andrea come back and visit! i promise i’ll show you even more of this great city. or just move here i’d love that even more. i know california’s weather can’t be beat but seattle summers are where its at.



a few months back we were lucky enough to be invited to diner en blanc in seattle by a friend. i had never heard of the diner but quickly looked it up after she extended the invite. i thought it sounded really fun and said yes right away. diner en blanc is an invite only pop up dinner. you wear all white and bring everything you would need for a dinner, from a white table and white chairs to drinks and food. we were all given a portion of the meal to prepare. we were in charge of the dessert, my favorite to eat and prepare! we made creme brûlée, i made julia child’s recipe and let me tell you it was the best! easier than i thought too. we brought a torch with us and let everyone torch their own, that was a fun addition to the night! between each course you wave your napkin in the air and everyone shouts out. the whole thing is pretty great!


all the people dressed in white, eating fantastic food with great friends. oh and the best part is you don’t find out your location until last minute, like 20 minutes before. each year they switch up where it will be hosted. this year it ended up being at volunteer park. we drove in and followed the sea of white, carrying our chairs and dessert. this was one of our first outings in seattle and felt like a great way to experience the city. the night was topped off with sparklers. thanks steph for a great night! so glad we were part of it and got to meet some of what are now our dearest friends in seattle. i really do love this city!





a few friends invited us to meet up with them at the museum of flight in seattle. they offer free admission the first thursday of the month from 5-9pm. we had never been so we thought it sounded like a fun idea. the kids loved it! i thought it was pretty great too. the museum was packed i’m guessing since the admission was free. those crowds are so not ivan’s thing but he made it out alive. he’s the type that would rather pay triple to avoid the swarms of people. i’m pretty proud of how well he dealt with it.


this picture is so dead on. we took one where we were all facing the camera, but this one is so perfectly my life that i had to share. it makes me laugh! everyone in a different direction.

IMG_9413 IMG_9414

the drive down was at rush hour. can you call it rush hour when the traffic is always bad? it does seem to be exceptionally bad around 4-7pm. i know i’ve said this already but its worth repeating, it took us 1hr 45min to get 12.8 miles!! that was rough.

the museum is definitely worth visiting, especially if you have little ones that are plane fanatics like my jack is.

IMG_9412apparently this is a Lockheed sr-71 blackbird. its speed is classified and i might have been more excited to see it than the kids. pretty cool stuff.




we took the the ferry over to bainbridge for the day to do some exploring. the ferry is quick, maybe 30 minutes. you can drive right on and then get out and hang on the upper decks. the weather was amazing so we went to the very top and waved goodbye to the city. i had done a little research and found a great little italian restaurant for us to stop in at and grab some lunch. all of the food ended up being fantastic! we finished off every last bite then made our way to the water.

IMG_9255IMG_9254 IMG_9253IMG_9244

jack fell asleep after lunch so i sat on a log holding him while the kids played in the water. they used their imaginations and played with sticks and rocks for hours. jack woke up and skipped rocks with ivan. well jack dumped rocks in the water while ivan skipped rocks.


bainbridge feels like a small town and i guess it probably is. its quaint + the downtown is charming. the houses all along the water are beautiful with the most stunning views of the city. its very green + woodsy. i wouldn’t mind spending a little more time exploring the island.

IMG_9268 IMG_9266

if you get the chance you should take the ferry over to bainbridge and do a little exploring. it really is beautiful and the views of the city can’t be beat!




i wanted to catch up on a few posts i’ve had in the works with some really fun things we’ve done in seattle lately but i find myself sitting here with the need to journal whats going on right now. i keep getting that feeling that i need to put it out there so i’m listening to that voice and the other posts will have to wait.


a few months ago my dad found out he had a tumor in his chest. the exact location was unclear. most likely his lungs. my parents didn’t tell us until they were certain what it was. he didn’t want us to worry. he was worried enough. he and my mom visited doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist. initially they were told it was a tumor the size of a golf ball then a softball. he had a biopsy and was told it wasn’t cancer. they decided to tell us once they had a clear diagnosis. so we knew it was a tumor the size of a softball in his airway above his lung. when i heard this i was obviously shocked but also relieved, it could have been so much worse. he had a scan of his entire body and this is the only one they found.


so we wait for more doctors appointments. different doctors tell us different things but mostly he needs to see another doctor more skilled in this department. he’s told he needs surgery to remove it, there is no other option. the first surgeon he sees tells him he’s going to have to remove his entire lung. after all the ups and downs and finally some definite answers this came as a huge shock. thats a lot to take in. we are so thankful its benign and we assume the surgery will be fairly easy until we hear that. the surgeon says he can refer him to another surgeon that is more qualified to do this type of surgery. apparently the type of tumor he has is very slow growing, the best tumor you can have but also extremely rare to develop in the spot he developed his. as in 1% of the time this tumor grows near the lungs. so the first surgeon has not had a lot of practice removing this tumor in that spot.


he sees the new surgeon. this has all been going on for 4 months. you can image all the emotions that go along with all the doctors visits. sometimes we are on such a high with the good news and other times the news leaves us feeling defeated. the surgeon tells him he thinks he can save the lung and remove the tumor but he won’t know for sure until he gets in there. he also calls the tumor cancer. but we already had the biopsy. they said it wasn’t cancer. he continues to call the tumor cancer and says they will biopsy it during the surgery.


i flew into az monday around 11:30. i didn’t sleep the night before and woke up monday morning feeling awful. my stomach was upset. i was extremely nauseous, my head hurt. ivan kept telling me to stop worrying and that it was my nerves. i am just like my dad. anxious + a worrier. i’ve calmed since having jack but in situations like this it flares back up. i stress, i don’t eat, i don’t get emotional. i sort of turn into a functioning zombie. its awful, i put on a brave face for the kids while i feel like i’m dying inside. my oldest sister is much more rational. she’s like my mom. level headed + lets not worry until we know type of person. she also got her sleeping habits from my mom and could sleep through a hurricane blowing through her bedroom. i wake at the drop of a pin and cannot fall back asleep after i’m woken, just like my dad. the entire plane ride i’m holding back getting sick in that tiny paper bag. i keep thinking is this motion sickness? i barely ate that morning and i took ibuprofen for the headache, could that be it? the nausea came and went. if you know me then you know i have a weak stomach so this could potential be the flu or just totally normal. i grab lunch with my sisters and the entire time i’m feeling awful but i eat thinking it might help. we stop at a gas station on the way up to my sister in laws and i get completely sick in the trash can. have you thrown up a salad? it might just be the worst thing ever!! a nice lady brings me water and tissues. the rest of the day was bad. i felt sick and went to bed at 7.


i woke up tuesday morning around 6. my dads surgery was scheduled for 7:30 but i couldn’t go because i didn’t want to risk getting him sick if i had a bug. i still don’t know if it was stress and nerves or if i was sick. i talked to my mom and she said if i felt fine to come down. we sat together, my mom, 2 sisters and me. we got updates throughout the surgery. it ran longer than they expected. the surgeon came out and said it went great. we were so relieved. finally months of stress lifted away. i’ve felt like i was drowning and now i could come up for air. its weird worrying about a parent. i went through hell and back with jack but it was such a whirlwind from the beginning i didn’t have the chance to get second opinions or have to wait weeks on end to get into the next doctor. this waiting has been the hardest part. i can’t imagine what my dad has felt thorough this whole thing. he’s not a share your feelings kind of guy. he’s goofy and a jokester. he likes to avoid the bad situation and pretend its not happening. i get that from him too. its hard to face challenges head on. especially when it comes to your health. not knowing what your future holds is a hard reality to face. luckily my dad has my mom. a rock + always strong and positive. she doesn’t crumble and she will make sure you don’t either.


while this trip back home isn’t for the vacation i wish it was, i am so gratefully for an amazing husband that lets me leave for 6 days and takes care of our 4 babies without missing a beat. for a family that rallies around each other and is right there when we need them. i’ve only grown up with my immediate family for the most part. my parents and 2 sisters but we are closer than any family i know. we have each others backs and will drop everything to be right there. trials are hard but they bring us closer together and make us realize what is truly important and for that i am grateful. my dad is in the hospital and on the road to recovery. he’s making great progress every day. before i know it he will be back to his old self cracking jokes and making us all laugh.



we are settling nicely into city living. i’m learning to live with the little quirks that initially drove me crazy. like the smell of the downtown city target. its a burning rubber smell, possibly the escalator?? that same target charges more than the target north of seattle. i guess because seattles minimum wage is higher than anywhere else in the state they pass the cost down to the consumer. or the bad traffic. you know we sat on mercer st for 25 min and did not move more than 6 inches. not once. we watched light cycle after light cycle and didn’t move. its mind boggling. why aren’t we moving?? at all?? how is everyone stopped and not progressing forward even a little bit? now we know, don’t take mercer ever. we went to the air museum last week with friends. it took us 1 hr 45 min to get 12.8 miles. yep you read that right. so when you’re sitting in traffic just know it could be worse you could be sitting in seattle traffic. the museum itself was really fun and is free the first thursday of the month from 5-9pm.


i’m falling even more in love with seattle every day. i love that we spend so much time outside. i love that its not 115 so we can spend time outside. we walk so much more than we ever have. i took the bus the other day downtown. all by myself and it felt like a small victory. i love driving, pretty much anywhere in the city and seeing water + the space needle + tall buildings. everywhere i look its beautiful. i love the parks. mostly i love that henri is doing so well. its amazing to see your typically sick baby completely healthy. no allergy medicine no breathing machine, steroids or inhalers. i pray it stays this way.


we witnessed someone steal from the grocery store the other day. that was shocking. he jumped in his volvo suv and drove away. it was bizarre. the kids and i just stood there picking our jaws up off the sidewalk and looking at each other. we also got to see someone use the side of the road as their toilet. i don’t mean number 1 either. another interesting first.


the water in seattle tastes so much better than back home. the nights get cool and the tourists are in droves downtown. not that i can blame them, the weather is so nice right now. food costs are double and somehow i forget my reusable grocery bags every single time. so i have to pay for paper and feel bad i’m being wasteful. our ward is quickly becoming one of my favorites. we had a block party and got to meet a lot of our neighbors. all of them were so nice! i love that everything i need is in walking distance. i really don’t ever have to leave my neighborhood. seattle i like you. i like you a lot!

snow goose produce


we headed up to mount vernon for a day trip before ivan headed back to az to grab his work truck + trailer along with the few belongings we have. i thought it would be great to get in one last trip before he gets back to full time work. the great thing about washington is there are so many beautiful places so close by. we have the best of both worlds, minutes from the big city + beautiful forest in our backyard. it feels like a constant adventure.

snow goose produce

blackberry bushes run rampant here. they’re on every corner. its funny to me to see people just walk up and grab a handful. although i don’t think they are completely in season until next month. but you can definitely find a few ripe ones.

snow goose produce

jack was so proud of himself and his blackberry. we’ve gone over all the poisonous berries and i hope i’ve taught them not to just pick + eat anything they find. they have to ask first.

snow goose produce snow goose produce

if i hand enough room i’d buy every one of these. just ask ivan. he says i have a basket hoarding problem. i’d say its borderline a problem.

snow goose produce

another ice-cream stop. why is it that everywhere has ice cream up here?

snow goose produce

i’m not sure she actually ever cares about the flavor. she picks based off color.

snow goose produce - 08

somehow he always manages to get a hold of my ice cream and won’t give it back.

snow goose produce

ava loves to wander off. this time it was to look at all the flowers + plants. i promised her a garden when we are settled in. her love for nature makes this mama happy. she has such a pure heart.

snow goose produce snow goose produce

i love a good farm stand. i’m always drawn to them. the vibrant colors + shapes. really beautiful.

snow goose produce snow goose produce snow goose producehow cute is this little basket? perfect size for little hands. jack looked so cute carrying one around too. mt. vernon is really pretty. a lot of beautiful barns + adorable houses. i told ivan i could live there. its removed from the city but not too far. we are having so much fun exploring our new state. washington truly is one of the most beautiful places i have been to.


henri is still doing great! we’ve talked about starting him in a grass sport. i’m a little hesitant but his asthma doctor assured me that arizona grass pollenates year round where washington only does for 6 weeks. i’m pretty sure thats why all the grass is dead here. that means it shouldn’t affect him at all. i’ll take it and i know he’d love to play sports and not have his asthma flare up.


walking downtown - 1


we woke up to a perfectly gray + cool morning and no plans at all. no painting, no furniture to set up. although, i do still need to paint the bathroom. i told the troops to get dressed and head to the front door. we grabbed the double stroller and got walking.

walking downtown - 1

we stopped by the neighbors swing for a quick push before we headed down the hill

walking downtown - 2

don’t worry that car was parked (i know it looks like it was about to hit him)

we made it all the way to pike place. the walk there was fun, a lot of sight seeing. we stayed close to the water and had a great view the whole way. we had gyro’s for lunch. they were really good and then ellenos yogurt for dessert. both were great but the yogurt was amazing! we got the marionberry with crumble topping. so good! i’m still thinking about it. downtown was crazy busy today. weekends are especially bad and some new friends said summers are always busy in seattle. ava’s been wanting a crumpet from the crumpet shop. have you been? we love the pesto with tomato + cheddar and the vermont. but they ran out by the time we got there.

walking downtown - 4 walking downtown - 5

after all was said and done we walked somewhere around 7 miles today. 7 miles!! no one really complained either. city walking is so much more fun. the time + miles pass so quickly. the hill home was killer. ivan pushed the stroller and henri + ava raced. henri was so awesome, he ran most of it. imagine sf hills. thats what we are dealing with here. we are at the top. if we stay in our neighborhood which we could very easily do and have everything we need then we have an easy walk. heading downtown is a different story. i’m still building up the nerve to take the bus. i have this strange fear of getting lost. driving + public transportation heighten it. i am always happy to walk. i think its a control issue. who knows.

walking downtown - 6

we stop at every fountain. i don’t think i’ll ever have any change lying around with these four

walking downtown - 3

construction sights are like disneyland for jack. lucky for us we hit the jackpot moving to seattle. they’re building everywhere

ivan ran out to get take out thai for a late dinner for just the two of us around 9. it was still light out which is still taking some getting used to. i’m working on getting the kids back on schedule. no fun!! jacks having terrible social anxiety. he wants to be held and if anyone besides us gets within 15 feet of him he scream and cries. how do i break this?? i’ve never dealt with any of my kids being so scared of strangers. i hope once we are settled in he does better. his world has been flipped upside down. some people from church stopped by. i can’t tell you how nice it was to have someone come by! i thought they had the wrong house initially. ha! we chatted for a while and planned a playdate. i planned another playdate with someone else from church too. the kids + i are so excited to get out and meet people.



we’ve been swimming a lot lately. its the only way to stay sane when its 115. yep thats right 115 degree’s. we had the best spring/summer until last week and them bam just like that hotter than heck! so we spend our days hopping from pool to pool trying to stay alive. we don’t have a pool so anytime we get invited to swim we go!


i started this week off packing. my mom came over and helped me. at one point i looked up at her, standing there in my kids room and it hit me like a ton of bricks. i’m moving. i’m leaving home. this is it. moving away from my family, the only place i’ve ever known. its all very bittersweet. i have a love hate relationship with arizona. i love that its home. i know these streets like the back of my hand. its comfortable in a good way. all of our family is here except my sister in california and i always dream she’d move back. you hear me andrea!! come back to me! we have the best mexican food this side of the border and i know where to find it. we have great food in general. on the other hand the summers are brutal. like so brutal. 115 is the norm. sometimes hotter and it goes on and on. the nights are so hot. the asthma, oh the asthma. i sometimes feel like i can’t take another minute of the coughing. seeing my baby suffer. it breaks my heart. standing there with my mom it all became very real.


then i stopped packing. our close date is all over the place and its not going to be as soon as we had thought. so i decided to enjoy our last few days/weeks here at home. tuesday was ivan’s birthday. he worked, he’s so so busy. we met friends at a play place in the morning. the kids got some energy out and i got to laugh with great girlfriends. i grabbed ivan for lunch. mexican food per usual. we took the kids to our favorite sushi joint for dinner. we sat at the bar so the kids could watch them make our rolls and chatted with the owner about our moving plans. we had ice cream cake at home. i’m documenting that june 16 2015 i made ivan an ice cream cake for his birthday. his mom made him one every year growing up and i’ve slacked on keep up with the tradition. every birthday he jokingly says to me maybe i’ll get an ice cream cake next year. we laugh and i say but i don’t like ice cream. this year i did it! ice cream cake for everyone. wednesday we went swimming at my sister-inlaws parents house. the kids love her i love her. her family is great. her other nephews and nieces were there too. the kids had tons of fun playing games in the pool + eating popsicles + jumping on the trampoline. thursday we had lunch with my mom then went to my best friends house to swim. theres something so nice about a friend that is like a sister. comfortable + effortless, we can sit and laugh, chatting about nothing. gosh we will miss so many great families here!


i’ve been house hunting on the computer. i love having a small space and am contemplating a 2 bedroom. when i say that out loud it sounds crazy!! it probably is. i want a change of pace, city life sounds like a fun adventure. we are leaving all of our belongings with this house. including tv’s. i don’t think i want to buy another. i hope we spend our days outside. seattle has some great walkable neighborhoods. i’ve also been tossing around the idea of selling my car and getting a bucket bike. maybe one of those madsen cycles. you know, pile the kids in and pedal. depending on our proximity to school’s and store’s. oh and those hills, those can be killer. but i think it could work.


another thought i’ve had is homeschooling. anyone doing it? any tips for me? i love the idea of being so involved in their learning. getting out in nature + experiencing those teachable moments as a family. i worry if i am capable. i know it isn’t easy. the idea of taking the best of montessori + traditional + public school curriculum and rolling it all into one seems perfect for our family. just something i’m tossing around.


i guess we’ll figure it all out once we get there. for now i have to pack. we should close early next week. we have to stay a little while so ivan can finish up work. we will stay with friends + family. whoever will have us. preferably someone with a pool. only kidding. but really, say our goodbye’s. if he has to work too long the kids and i might venture over to california, spend our days on the beach until ivan finishes up here in az. we are going to be homeless. i say that with a smile and a laugh and i keep getting the “are you serious? oh i could never do that.” then i say  “whats the worst that can happen?” if we hate it we come home, right? if henri is still sick then we tried our best. we did everything we could. how can you regret that? here’s to an adventure. follow along. i think its gonna be good.

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