i am so claustrophobic.  i hated every minute of the subway and the elevators but i rode them and i think maybe just maybe i’m getting over this fear.

this crowd goes nuts for jeter.  his song big poppa by notorious b.i.g. comes on and they all stand up and start cheering.  every single time.  their love runs deep.

our tickets came with access to the audi club.  you can eat at a ridiculous buffet of lobster and steak and enjoy complete silence. there is no noise from the game whatsoever.  sounds like no fun to me.  gimme a hotdog and a pepsi and i wanna hear the crowd go wild.  my night wouldn’t have been complete without hearing notorious sing in his hometown.

on our way to the yankees vs red sox game.  in our yankees attire naturally.  i actually love boston and would normally cheer for the red sox but i thought id spare myself this time.
we looove a good dumpling.  joes shanghai did not disappoint.  i’d say its a close runner up to din tai fung.

central park and john lennon.  lots of people with their sad face on and a singer on a bench doing his best rendition of strawberry fields.

oh levain bakery i live for your cookies.  they really are the best.  we only made one visit this trip.  the last time we were there i think i got a cookie after every meal.  worth the trip to the uws.

man the front camera on the iPhone is crap.  but ya gotta get a pic with your better half when its 10 at night and you aren’t asleep or have 4 kids with you.  it felt good to chat on a park bench with not a single thing to do or place to be.

look at her all lit up like that.

eataly was good.  we sat at the bar which is basically the kitchen and it was pretty hot.  if you ask ivan he would say really really hot.  he doesn’t love humidity i on the other hand didn’t mind it one bit.

oh brooklyn you stole my heart.  i’d live in brooklyn any day of the week.

russ and daughters because my dad’s russ and he only has daughters and because their belly lox was so salty i didn’t even have to add salt.  that never ever happens.

st. patricks under major renovation but just as beautiful as always.

anybody else remember 9 by design.  loved that show.  why isn’t it still on??

i declare joes pizza the best in new york.  i bet a lot of people would agree with me.

georgetown cupcakes.  i got the vanilla.  i always get the vanilla.  it was pretty good, small but good.  the service on the other hand not so good.  the girl ringing up looked like she just crawled out of a bad bender and was no help at all.

i discovered city bakery this trip.  the pretzel croissant… don’t even get me started and that chocolate chip is up there with levain.  see, i told you all we did was eat.




we haven’t taken a vacation without the kids since the last time we went to new york.  my sister was supposed to babysit but last minute elle got chickenpox and we couldn’t have her tiny baby around elle.  so i found a last minute neighbor girl that turned out to be a total disaster.  like left my three kids with her 16 year old brother whom id never met so she could go to a party and lied to me about it kind of bad.  needless to say i’ve been scared to leave ever since.  that compiled with jack, i swore id never leave again.  up until the day we left i still wasn’t sure if we should just bring him.  we decided to go just us.  heaven knows we needed it after the last year we’ve had.  i’m so happy we went.  my mom watched the kids so we knew they were safe and could relax and enjoy ourselves.  this was my third time in new york so we skipped past some of the touristy stuff and did a lot of eating.  i mean a lot.  we also did a lot of walking.  hopefully it balanced out a little bit.
the new york library is beautiful.  i mean look at it.  our pitiful library has nothing on this.  i really really love the history and architecture nyc has to offer.

this was the first time we actually went inside grand central station.  its beautiful i don’t know why its taken me this long to step foot inside.

the view outside our room was amazing and shake shack because shake shack is always a good idea.

doughnut plant never disappoints.  i always get the coco nut cream.  the pb&j and the banana peanut butter is good too.

the flatiron building is my absolute favorite.   we wandered rockefeller center along with a million other people.  new york is just so different than where we live.  these building are crazy big and every time i go i forget just how big they really are.

i had to take a picture of the room.  its about three times bigger than any hotel I’ve ever stayed at in new york.  the last time we went the bed just about touched the walls on both sides.

fishs’s eddy is a great place to get lost in.  i would have bought the whole store if i could’ve fit it in my suitcase.

little italy,  zeppole’s and cannoli’s.  enough said.

the best place for cannoli’s in little italy.

cafe habana corn on a stick

this was my first time eating at katz and i wasn’t super impressed.  the lines are long, the guy didn’t even let me finish my sentence before he cut me a pastrami sandwich when i was trying to say pastrami reuben.  sandwich wasted, his bad i guess.  and i think carnagie deli is a million times better.  their payment system is dumb.  is you lose your blue ticket plan on paying $50 if you want to be let out of the store.  i read all the bad reviews but went against my better judgement and tried it anyways.  oh well, the sandwich was decent.

first knish, wasn’t bad.

ice cream cone covered in rice krispies.  ill take it!  i took close to a thousand picture so ill post the second half tomorrow.



i have to admit i don’t think southern cali has the best food but it is one of our favorite places to beach so we end up there a lot.  we sort of rotate through the same few spots.  here’s my list of favorites.
T.K. Burgers
– big bargain special
– side of onion rings
– make sure you ask for a side of their sauce to dip your fries and onion rings in
– their breakfast is pretty good too
i don’t know why but I don’t like the mission viejo location so go to any of the others.
Big Belly Deli in newport beach
across the pch from newport beach.  perfect for ordering and taking over to the beach
– i always order the rajun cajun, it’s chicken and sausage with peppers and melted cheese.  kinda spicy and really good.
– i get the kids a turkey sandwich on squaw bread, really good
– get the side of macaroni salad
Ajisen Ramen irvine
– oh i dream of spicy pork ramen.  its just so so good.
– my kids love the regular pork ramen
walk over to 85c after dinner at ajisen ramen.  its in the same complex.  this taiwanese bakery is amazing.  i don’t even know what the name is of the pastry i get, its a puff looking pastry in what looks like a large cupcake liner and inside its filled with the most delicious custard.  we call them milk clouds.  all the sweets are really good.  i haven’t tried the savory.  i don’t drink coffee but i’ve heard the sea salt coffee is some of the best.  the lines can be reaaaaalllly long.
Ruby’s Shake Shack
we really like this place for the view alone.  play at the beach and then walk up the stairs for lunch.  sit at the bench facing the ocean while you enjoy your meal.
– breakfast burrito
– burger and fries
– shakes
 Lucha Libre in san diego
this was our first time eating at lucha and i thought it was pretty good.  i really like the green creamy sauce at the salsa bar.  i poured it all over everything.
– surfin’ califonia
– queso taco with carne asada
La Super-Rico Taqueria in santa barbara
hands down my favorite mexican food in california
– #16, homemade tortillas topped with carne asada, peppers and cheese.  amazing!!
– homemade guac is to die for
– ivan loved the adobado taco’s
if you are in santa barbara go here, there will be a line but its worth the wait. oh and they have mexican soda.  the perfect meal.
Pitfire Pizza in Costa Mesa
pizza and salads
i have yet to find a pizza i love in southern california.
Bagel Shack
– old man’s on swiss bagel, cream cheese, avocado and lemon pepper
– lower’s add sausage on cheddar bagel
– cinnamon crunch bagel with strawberry cream cheese
the best bagels i’ve ever had.
Sidecar Doughnuts in Costa Mesa
– butter and salt doughnut, my very favorite
-blueberry with cornmeal crumb, this one was doughnut of the month but i think they should always have it, it is that good.
VG Donut and Bakery
so i haven’t been here but i hear really good things about their donuts, its on my list next time i go.


We love going to Oregon to visit Grandma and Grandpa Raile.  Their house on the coast is so relaxing.  This year Grandma had to fly back to Az last minute so we had her house to ourselves.  We stayed in Oregon half the week and then decided to head up to Seattle the other half.  Man I love that city.  A big city will a small town feel.  So much good food and so fun to wander around.

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