jack found this hat from last winter.  its a tad too small but he still looks cute.  elle and henri both had a doctor’s appointment.  hen’s still allergic to peanuts.  as the years go on the odds aren’t looking good.  i’m pretty bummed but what can you do.
the rain this weekend was out of control, again.  this year the monsoons have been epic.  jack loves the bath.  its my go to when he’s crabby.  he somehow managed to get chocolate milk on his face in the form of a uni brow.
the chop choo that you can hear from our house scares him every time.  its a mix of excitement and terror.  sweetcakes got a makeover and i can say it looks pretty darn good.  this weather is so good we can now take walks outside and not melt.
  jacks becoming more independent and elle not so much.  jack needs a haircut but will not be getting one.
october is my very favorite month.  the cool weather.  the holidays right around the corner.  i really love it all.  i’ve got two more sessions with my trainer.  then what?  i don’t know.  hopefully i can stick with working out on my own.
i really need to take more pictures of the the older kids.  i guess life is just a little crazy when all four are home and taking pictures isn’t first priority.  it needs to move up on the list.


friday night was a daddy + daughter camp out for our old ward and since ivans friends/business partners are in the ward he decided to take the girls.
i got a chance to be with my boys.  so we went to the mall and ate a gourmet dinner at the golden arches.  per henri’s request.  then took jack hat shopping which he thoroughly loved and we found very entertaining.  its still 105, you know perfect weather for a warm hat.

we then made our way over to the lego store.  kid heaven.  henri convinced me he needed the guardian’s of the galaxy set.  I’m not even sure how he knew what that was.  but we got it and i quickly became mother of the year.

jack decided to attempt climbing the bunk beds.  this is as far as he could get.  we’ve got to work on that upper body strength.

the boys clobbered me.  i got a finger up the nose a few times and maybe one in the eye.

then we attempted some shots of us playing.  you know the “sit and act natural, no stop jumping in front of the camera, c’mon just give me one good shot” kind of pictures.

we got this picture of papa and the girls sent to us.
i thought donuts for breakfast sounded perfect.  henri thought pancakes.  he won.  pancakes it is.

jack likes to eat crayons.  why is it that i can barely get him to eat real food but he’ll eat gross things like crayons toilet paper, dirt, markers?  all the things you shouldn’t eat.

we stayed up late working on our legos and got right back to it in the morning.  jack had to get his little boy legos out.
i had a really great time with the boys.  its nice to separate them into groups or only take one.  i get so much more time getting to talk and really see their personalities.  when they’re all together it sometimes feels like more damage control than anything else.




i saw these little tassel door hangers online and have been wanting to make them.  they’re a great project to work on with the kids.  these might be taking over my house soon.


i sewed a million pillows.  alright not a million but 12.  once i started i couldn’t stop until every pillow had a new cover on it.  guess i was feeling extra crafty today.
ivan made some jalapeño cheese bread.  dang it, is that stuff good!  we gave a loaf to the neighbors so we didn’t eat it all.
look at all that cheese!!  i love cheese.tacos for dinner because we eat tacos for dinner at least once a week.  i told you we eat too much mexican food.

and then we played in the backyard because we could.  because the weather wasn’t too awful and the kids especially jack loves being outside.  look at jacks pink big toe.  i painted elle’s nails and he wanted some too.  so he got one toenail.  the big toe no less.

and this right here is why sundays are so good.  our church time is good right now too.  so im enjoying it until they switch us.  i can’t wait for the weather to change and the holidays to come.  please tell me i’m not the only one planing halloween costumes.



i helped my sister plan a surprise birthday party for my brother in law over the weekend.  it turned out really great.  i love planning parties and she doesn’t so it was a lot of fun for me.  my dad has a million old cars and jack went up to the camaro he drove to the party and put his hand on it like he was posing for a car ad.  i’m glad i snapped a pic of him doing it, made me laugh.  how many times can one baby fall backwards and hit their head in one day?  jack exceeded the limit by at least one hundred and twenty seven times.  i took elle on a date. first we had to put on piles of makeup then we made our way over to build a bear to spend an obscene amount of money on a pony and her new wardrobe.  this pony has a better closet than i do.  oh and a baby for her of course.  so two ponies.
we then came home and found out that jack can fit in pony clothes and all had a good laugh.  he didn’t like the hoof shoes so much.  we drove up to globe for the day to eat a delicious meal of what else, mexican food.  el ray is worth the drive.  i took elle and jack outside while ivan and the kids finished up.  a bee chased us up and down the street at least nine times.  i couldn’t help but laugh as i pushed the stroller with elle hanging on for dear life screaming.  we ran past the window back and forth and i can only imagine what everyone inside was thinking.  hopefully they laughed as much as i did.


I haven’t been cooking much lately.  Between my stinky diet and it being so hot the last thing I want to do is cook.  I grew up on simple meals.  Chicken, salad, chicken, salad.  In that rotation.  Then I got married and he grew up on a gourmet 5 course meal every night of his life.  That’s a lot to live up to for a girl who considered tater tots an acceptable dinner.  If you know my mother in law or her family you know everything they make is amazing.  My mother in law owns a bakery and her sister a catering company.  The food is delicious and not complicated.  Over the years I’ve learned to really love to cook and bake.  I enjoying making good food and I enjoy feeding that good food to family and friends.  So I thought I ‘d share what I made for dinner last night.  Its not a family recipe.  Just a super easy taco recipe I whipped up before I headed to my trainer.  Best part was the kids LOVED them, they haven’t stopped talking about them.  They came home from school and asked if I’d make them burritos with the left over chicken. 
I put two chicken breasts in a crock pot with a small can of diced green chilies.  Then poured about 2 cups of chicken stock over the top and the some garlic salt.  Turned it on high for 4 or 5 hours and once I could shred it I turned it to low to keep it warm until dinner.  If it seem dry at any point add a little more chicken stock.  I then shredded cheese and cut up our favorite veggies.  Have you tried the green olives in the can from Trader Joe’s?  They’re similar to black olives but better!  Ive been making a big batch of salsa every Sunday so we have it throughout the week.
The salsa recipe is adapted from my father in law.  I don’t measure, just throw in what I like.  In a food processor put about 1/4 of an onion, 2 jalapeños, cilantro, 1/2 cup tomato juice.  Blend that up. In another bowl I put a 27 oz can of diced tomatoes, another cup of tomato juice, 3 green onions diced.  Pour the blended mix in the bowl.  Add garlic salt, salt and pepper to taste.  I really like cilantro so I rough chop a little more and toss it in.  This recipe is super simple and the best salsa I’ve ever tasted.  Add more of what you like and less of what you don’t.
For dessert we had Joe Joe’s (Trader Joe’s version of an Oreo) and chocolate milk. This was Jacks first time and he thought they were pretty great.  I mean come on, he pulled it apart and ate it like a pro!
Chicken Tacos
2 chicken breasts
1 small can green chilies
2 cups chicken broth
garlic salt
1/4 of an onion
2 jalapeno’s (more if you like it spicier)
1/2 cup tomato juice
27 oz. can of diced tomatoes
3 green onions
garlic salt to taste
salt and pepper to taste


Saturdays are for playing in the hose and having a bike wash.  Santa brought us this Cadillac for Henri’s first Christmas.  You know, not the one he was born on but the one he turned a year old on. We had to replaced the battery but other than that its been great.  Aside from the fact that it looks like its been through it.  The kids decided to clean up their toys and take them for a spin.  Jack loves being outside but with it being so hot we rarely make it out there.  So this was a real treat for him.  Its hard to convince him to come back inside when there is so much fun going on outside.


last week we took the kids to a baseball game.  we’ve been cooped up in the house a lot lately with this awful weather.  so we thought we’d give the game a try.  ava didn’t want to go, she’s become a real homebody and i’ve been giving in and letting her stay back but i think i need to start pushing her more.  she stayed at my sisters when we went to disneyland, i mean come on!  who doesn’t love disneyland.  jack is in that i want to get into everything phase so we left them both at ivan’s moms and took the middle two with us.

we had so much fun.  they got to eat and drink everything they normally wouldn’t get.  we cheered and sang.  elle wanted to be on the big screen so she danced the whole time.  we stayed until the bottom of the 7th then decided it was time to get these babes home for bed.  we had a blast and it was good to get out of the house but still be in air-conditioning.

on a side note we are headed to new york at the end of this month and we are going to a yankee’s vs red Sox game.  i’m pretty excited!



Lately I’ve been in a funk.  I don’t even know why.  I started working out with a trainer and he gave me this crazy boring diet and really that’s the only thing in my life that’s changed.  So is that’s whats making me crazy?!  I don’t know but I’m trying to dig myself out of this bad mood.

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep, typical me.  I tossed and turned for hours and hours.  At some point I fell asleep and woke up crying, again.  This happened to me a few months back.  I dream we are back in the hospital.  Last night it was that Jack was sick again and we didn’t know what was wrong.  They wanted to do a cystic fibrosis test.  Which is what they had scheduled to do after his echo on the day we found out he had tapvr.  He was sedated in my dream.  The hardest part of Jack being sick was when he was sedated, just lying there, lifeless.  Not knowing if he would make it another day.  I was right there again.  The worst time of my life, reliving it.  Is this my way of working through everything we went through?  Is it the fear of his next cardiologist appointment looming around the corner?

So when I woke up this morning I decided to change my attitude.  I can’t control a lot of things but my decision to be happy or miserable is one thing I can change.  Today I’m choosing to be patient with my babies.  To be grateful for these days I get with them.  I know it won’t be easy given the mood Ive been in but I’m going to do my best.  So that’s that.  Life can feel crummy for no reason, its time for my pity party to end and for me to enjoy these last few days of summer vacation.  School starts Monday.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a tiny bit excited.


Life according to my iPhone 7-2014

Does anyone else let their baby tear up the bathroom so they can get ready?  Toilet paper keeps him busy for at least 5 min. I went back to blonde.  It feels good.  Jumping on the tramp with a hose, that’s childhood right there. Jack and Elle fight over the stool when I’m making dinner.
Chickens are getting huge.  Jack’s finally big enough to hold up a light saber.  Elle crying her eyes out because we had to leave church early, such a sweet girl.  I love when he lays his head on me.
Elle has lots of cool tricks, tucking her lip in is her latest.  Jack is petrified of the car wash.  Lots of chicken eggs these days.


Yep, we are still nursing.  My henny, he’s just so sweet and photogenic, the only one in the family.  Went to Pine to escape the heat.  Elle stuffed plastic cupcakes down her shirt and said looook mom.  What am I gonna do with her?


Summer lovin’

We ended up in California for the 4th.  I was worried about the crowds but it wasn’t busy at all.  We had a blast!  We watched fireworks from the golf course at our hotel.  I love starting new traditions.  We planned on staying until Monday, heading home for a week and coming back the week after.  I decided to just stay for the next two weeks instead of battling that long drive three more times.  Ivan went home and flew back for the last week.  He ended up surprising me and coming three days early.  I love surprises and that was one of the best!  We lived at the beach all day and the kids slept so good at night.  The older kids are so brave they love the ocean, they could never leave and Jack is a dream at the beach.  He wanders around like a little drunk man falling in the sand.  I can’t believe summers almost over.  School’s around the corner.  I’m not ready.

^^^ Lost my sunglasses in a killer wave
^^^ Shake Shack, a favorite
^^^Cousin time
^^^I put the same sunscreen on these two
^^^We missed him
^^^Ragin Cajun from Big Belly Deli
^^^I love her free spirit
^^^Lucha Libre in San Diego
^^^Visited friends in San Elijo
^^^Henri’s sunflower, hes so creative
^^^Sleeping on the beach
^^^First frozen banana
^^^Santa Barbara.  La Super-Rica Taqueria. Get the #16.  The best Mexican food I’ve found in California to date.
^^^Our last night.  One of the best nights I’ve had.  We made a last minute stop at the beach right after sunset.  The weather was beautiful, we had the beach to ourselves. These crazies went for a swim and had the time of their life.  Summers been good.
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