Summer lovin’

We ended up in California for the 4th.  I was worried about the crowds but it wasn’t busy at all.  We had a blast!  We watched fireworks from the golf course at our hotel.  I love starting new traditions.  We planned on staying until Monday, heading home for a week and coming back the week after.  I decided to just stay for the next two weeks instead of battling that long drive three more times.  Ivan went home and flew back for the last week.  He ended up surprising me and coming three days early.  I love surprises and that was one of the best!  We lived at the beach all day and the kids slept so good at night.  The older kids are so brave they love the ocean, they could never leave and Jack is a dream at the beach.  He wanders around like a little drunk man falling in the sand.  I can’t believe summers almost over.  School’s around the corner.  I’m not ready.

^^^ Lost my sunglasses in a killer wave
^^^ Shake Shack, a favorite
^^^Cousin time
^^^I put the same sunscreen on these two
^^^We missed him
^^^Ragin Cajun from Big Belly Deli
^^^I love her free spirit
^^^Lucha Libre in San Diego
^^^Visited friends in San Elijo
^^^Henri’s sunflower, hes so creative
^^^Sleeping on the beach
^^^First frozen banana
^^^Santa Barbara.  La Super-Rica Taqueria. Get the #16.  The best Mexican food I’ve found in California to date.
^^^Our last night.  One of the best nights I’ve had.  We made a last minute stop at the beach right after sunset.  The weather was beautiful, we had the beach to ourselves. These crazies went for a swim and had the time of their life.  Summers been good.

This Week

^^^ Fever all week.  The time we actually left the house he went naked.
^^^ Swimming at Grandma’s.  Pre fever
^^^ Another shot of Jack’s room.  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.
^^^ Sometimes you just need something new.  This dress made it into my bag.  Its super comfortable and since its 10 million degrees outside this keeps me cool.
^^^ Pearl got a haircut.  This is the shortest we’ve ever gone with her.  Not sure how I feel about it.
^^^ Celebrated Ivan’s birthday two days early.  Just the two of us.  It was pretty great until he started throwing up 6 hours later.
^^^ Walked in the sweltering heat.  Anything to get outside.
^^^ Realized I left our leftover out over night, yeah that sucked.
^^^ Burning this candle everyday.  I know it sounds weird but really its good if you like that woodsy smell.
^^^ Spending summer break rotting our brains.
Teething, it sucks.
^^^ This outfit on repeat.  Every.  Single.  Day.  Along with do I look like Elsa?


We love going to Oregon to visit Grandma and Grandpa Raile.  Their house on the coast is so relaxing.  This year Grandma had to fly back to Az last minute so we had her house to ourselves.  We stayed in Oregon half the week and then decided to head up to Seattle the other half.  Man I love that city.  A big city will a small town feel.  So much good food and so fun to wander around.

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