this past weekend i toured model homes in the great park. if you haven’t been to the great park you should go! the great park is approximately 1,300 acres of parks, sports complex, farms, homes, schools, farmers market and of course the big orange balloon you can see from miles away. they are really building this master plan community into something awesome! here are a few shots i took of the Jade series at Parasol Park built by Pulte Homes.

the first home i toured was the Harmony X (3 story). 2,297 sq ft. 3 bed 2 bath. prices starting at $938,880. the island in this kitchen was massive. pictures don’t do it justice. the kitchen had so much natural lighting with large sliding doors opening to the courtyard from the kitchen.



i love the open concept with the family room directly off the kitchen.



the second house is the Justice X (3story). 2,424 sq ft. 3 bed 2 bath starting at $941,880.



the third story on both houses were set up as bonus rooms which i thought was brilliant. a great place for the kids to go and hang out. the bonus rooms open up to a balcony. in california we spend so much time outside, having that indoor/outdoor space is very desirable.









if theres one thing i love it’s looking at houses. i love a sunday drive through a charming neighborhood scoping out all the details of each home. here in southern california i see a lot of white houses with black detail. which is great and something i love. we designed our home back in az that way, but too much similarity in a neighborhood takes the charm out of it. one of my favorite things about our neighborhood in seattle was the variation in homes. homes of every color and style. it was hard to find two that looked alike. while we were up in northern california this past weekend we went to sacramento for ivans work. while we were there we drove the the most charming neighborhood of historic homes. man, did they really know how to build homes a hundred years ago. so much character and detail. i snapped a few pictures. these houses are all in the 38th street neighborhood– between j st and folsom blvd in east sacramento.


i love the arched door and windows. that brick porch is everything.


again i love the brick steps up to the house.


the roof line, windows and yard are perfection.


i love how unique each of these houses are. i love the dark navy door and hedges.


this house decorated for the holidays. so classic and simple.


this home reminds me of the houses in my grandmas neighborhood in wisconsin. i love the covered parking and the entrance.


how great is that balcony and patio?





Foodtravelkids queen anne Seattle - 14


this weekend its been hot! like reaaaalllly hot. i know i really can’t say that to my arizona peeps because they’ll just laugh at me. but the difference between here and there is this beautiful thing called air conditioning. here we have none. so we’ve been sweating a lot. saturday we went in search of a good beach. after trekking all over magnolia trying to find the best spot to park to get down the water and parking in the worst possible spot then hiking a half mile with 4 kids + heavy bag we decided to head to ballard. we grabbed lunch at un bien (the former owners of paseo) i got on my phone and searched for the best beaches in seattle. golden gardens seemed most promising. oh boy was it. free parking (unheard of in cali) concession stand + bathrooms + playground + volley ball nets. not to mention a short walk from parking to the beach! the kids played, ava + elle were brave enough to get in while henri + jack played in the sand. it was quite lovely. we spent most of last week furniture hunting + painting + cleaning so it was so nice to just sit. we found a pretty decent mexican food restaurant too. i can’t wait to have my dishes + pans here. we’ve all decided what we want for dinner the first week i can actually cook. tacos + spaghetti + eggs + bacon. eating out is only fun for so long.

Foodtravelkids queen anne Seattle - 08 Foodtravelkids queen anne Seattle - 09 Foodtravelkids queen anne Seattle - 11 Foodtravelkids queen anne Seattle - 12 Foodtravelkids queen anne Seattle - 13

we went to church on sunday. the first thing i noticed is church doesn’t have air!! the doors are open the windows are open. oh its a whopping 93 + humid. in other words miserable. ivan sweat all through church. our ward is great. lots of fun people. transplant like us. most are here for amazon + gates foundation+ microsoft + boeing. so many of them told me they felt the same way as i do, initially. thinking it was temporary and they’d be home in a few years, then they fell in love with the city. some had gone to the suburbs and come back because they love the city life. its always good to hear positive things about a new place especially when you’re so unsure of it already. my anxiety is slowly starting to fade. i’m starting to get the hang of this place. my neighborhood is getting a little more comfortable. i walked to trader joe’s and back without getting lost. i’ve got a few last things to buy for the house + a lot of packages in the mail right now. ivan’s going back for the trailer in a few days. by the end of the week it should start looking like a home around here.

Foodtravelkids queen anne Seattle - 06

jack loves checking the mail. we have two sets of steps between our house and the street. the mail box is between them so every time we head out he has to stop and check.

Foodtravelkids queen anne Seattle - 01Foodtravelkids queen anne Seattle - 02

this sign at the school made me laugh. i have yet to see anyone out with their pot bellied pig. in our old neighborhood this might have applied but here in the center of the city i can’t imagine.


i’m sure i’ve already said this, maybe 10 times. the traffic is horrifying all the time. i read it was bad but i wasn’t fully prepared. i don’t think it will be a big deal once we are settled but right now we are driving a lot. costco + furniture shopping + target. theres always traffic all the time. bridge work + accidents + traffic for no reason. a lady at church was giving me tips for around the city. like if you want to hangout downtown, park at the target. the spots are big and parking is free if you spend $20 at target. you can hang out downtown, get your target run in + free parking all at once. ill keep that in my back pocket. also theres an app for the bus. a lot of people ride it. it seems to be convenient + clean + easy. biking downtown seems impossible. we live at the top of the hill and i’m pretty sure i’d flip the bike trying to get up. ava wants a scooter + i can’t wait for monday. it’s supposed to cool down to 77 then 73-81 the rest of the week. sundays national ice-cream day. i don’t care for ice-cream much except for a few flavors from specific places. like molly moons here in seattle. ivan got me salted caramel and i’ve been working on it for 3 days now. a few bites at night is just perfect. its extra salty, sort of reminds me of cheese. i know how awful that sounds. ivan thinks it tastes putrid. i can’t stop painting. it started with the front two rooms i moved onto the kitchen then the hall now i want to do the bathroom. white just brightens up the place so much and looks so clean. another problem over here is that i can’t figure out the garbage situation. we have three. one for recycling and its normal size. one for compost, also normal size and another for trash. that can is tiny, about knee high. recycle comes every other week. i’m looking for an garbage i can keep in the house with 3 separate slots. seen any? i really don’t want to have three separate garbages in my small kitchen. the whole composting thing is a great idea but do i just keep a can of rotting trash in the kitchen? thats gonna smell. why is the regular trash soooo small and why is recycling only coming twice a month? thats enough rambling for now. hope everyones enjoying the monsoons back home. i sure do miss them!

Foodtravelkids queen anne Seattle - 03 Foodtravelkids queen anne Seattle - 04

this is the actual house that was inspiration for the movie UP. its in the ballard neighborhood, just right over the ballard bridge. i see it every time we drive over. the woman who lived their, Edith Macefield, refused to sell and was even offered 1 million dollars in 2006. she passed away in 2008 and left it to the new buildings superintendent. it was sold to someone wanting to open a pie shop in ediths name. the building ended up being too expensive to get up to code and is offered free to a nonprofit that will move it so the land can be sold. if you are in the seattle area and have kids its really great to go see. my kids were so excited that the “up” house really exists.



over the weekend we houses hunted. we called houses from craigslist + trulia + zillow. any site we could find offering up a rental. we drove around. we stopped in at open houses. we made appointments to meet realtors. house hunting here is nothing like it is in az. house hunting in seattle is madness. pure chaos. i met other couples doing the same thing we are. uprooting their life and moving to seattle. they were staying in hotels too. they figured they’d find something when they got here just like we did. they’d been seriously hunting for 2 1/2 weeks and still nothing. you look at a house and its over priced + outdated + hideously ugly + stinky + next to a cemetery + bad school district + sketchy area and list goes on. but because the inventory is so low and the techie’s are taking over the city you put in your offer with 90 other people and before you can hit send you get an email that its taken. then you cry and you stress and you wonder what you’re even doing anyways. a cashier at the busiest costco i’ve ever seen in my life (even on the worst of worst days at costco, this was at least 10 times worse) said they’re one of the busiest costco’s and they are jam packed every day. he said seattle has grown immensely over the last 2-3 years and the cost of living is now higher than NYC. say whhhhat?!!!

DSC07270 DSC07279 IMG_8555how can you not love that elephant?! the sun does shine in seattle and its a cool 73 degrees. take that az!


july is a busy month in seattle so we sort of jumped from one hotel to the next. sunday night as we were pulling up to our new hotel and ivan went inside to check in, i got on my phone and looked on craigslist again. a listing popped up. no pictures. my dream neighborhood at the top of the hill + middle of the city. great school in walking distance. i made ivan call. he got back in the car and said lets go look at it. she lives in arizona (coincidence? i think not) she said the keys under the mat. we drove straight over. he walked in through the back door and came to the front to let us in. i looked at his face and he shook his head yes. we ran inside to the most amazing craftsman style house. built in 1917. original hard woods. original built in cabinets. original door handles + windows. pretty much original everything. 3 bedroom with a huge master upstairs. 2 bathrooms, thats unheard of here!! aside from the hideous colors on the wall from the previous renter (we are painting) it was perfect. everything i had dreamt of in my head. my perfect seattle house. she said she had been praying for a family and praying that family (us!!!) would find it on sunday. we had been praying for this house. it was so easy + effortless. thank goodness she didn’t upload photos or this house would have had a line around the corner.



just when i felt defeated it all fell into place. this move has been stressful. i’ve been homesick. i’ve wondered if we are making the right decision. but its all fallen into place. fairly perfectly. i mean house hunting for weeks but really only 2 days here in the city, when those other people were here for weeks, is pretty awesome.

IMG_8710gotta put your park somewhere. on top of the pharmacy at the u village. i mostly took this photo as a reminder to myself next time we are shopping and need a break. theres a park.


i have to says driving in the city might be my worst nightmare. i think public transportation is in my future. all the bridges + tunnels + traffic, oh the traffic!!! seattle has LA beat big time. i get so confused and then stressed. shopping is no easy task. we rented a van because ivan’s truck and trailer are still in az. (he’s flying back to pick them up and drive them here) i then had to drive around from store to store searching for furniture. buying beds + sheets + laundry soap + everything else you need to fill a home. i drove to the target north of me because my city target only has garage parking and i couldn’t fit the van in only to find out that target also only had garage parking and i had to park half way down the road. i filled up my cart and checked out. they don’t have plastic bags in seattle and i had to purchase two tiny paper bags (about half the size of a normal brown paper bag) the cashier was so kind and tried to jam everything he could into them. 3 sets of sheets + mattress pads along with laundry detergent i had to stack up and carry out. all these things i’m learning about city living. like don’t pile your cart at target when you’ve parked 5 blocks away.

IMG_8719view from the bottom of our neighborhood


then we walk through our neighborhood to the edge of the hill and look out over the water to the most amazing view. or we go to the movies in the middle of the city and i look out the window on the escalator heading up to our theater and i see a view of the city. our city. we are slowly finding our spots. we drive up that long steep hill out of the hustle and bustle of downtown to our quiet neighborhood and it feels good, really good. i know soon enough it will feel more like home. henri has done great, no allergies and thats what its all about! so even though i’m tired and stressed and sometimes miss the ease of arizona, henri being able to breathe is all that matters. thats it.

IMG_8720view on the way up to our theater



friday morning we went to breakfast with great grandma and grandpa, helped clean up around the house and headed out. we stopped in portland to stretch our legs and grab some taco’s at por que no? then we were off for seattle. the drive took forever. between stopping for lunch + gas + jacks new game of i have to go potty every 9 minutes, i thought we’d never get out of the car. we got in pretty late. we drove a few neighborhoods to check out some houses on our list and headed to the hotel.


saturday morning we headed to pike place market for some 10am mac and cheese at beechers then wandered the city with the kids. henri and jack were both in desperate need of shoes so we stopped into nordstrom. that and the anniversary sale they’re having lured me in. the kids love the city and ava was telling me how much she likes having everything so close. i was shocked, she’s always the one saying how much she loves the country and asking me why i would ever want to live in a city. i guess she’s coming around to the idea.

DSC07174DSC07194DSC07213DSC07217DSC07211for lunch we went to serious pie. we ordered the sausage and roasted pepper + fried egg and arugula + buffalo mozzarella and basil. the crust was amazing! the kids loved the mozzarella and of course jack ate all the sausage. its a cute little place downtown and the table was perfect for our family. seattle restaurants are much smaller than the ones back home but everyone seems really accommodating and always stores our giant double stroller.

DSC07224 DSC07223

we did some house hunting and let me tell you its left me depressed. the one house we saw online and sent our application in right away was already taken. another house we looked at was in terrible shape. tiny + expensive, smelled like animal urine and was falling apart. oh and it turned out to have another family living in the basement with a shared laundry that had a quarter machine attached to it. icing on the cake was the cemetery RIGHT next door. as in nothing between the house and acres of graves. i walked through and talked to the owner who was showing it to another couple at the time. she was so kind and helpful and said to let her know if i wanted an application. an application?? no!! i want to run like the wind, thats what i want!! not to be a total bummer, we do have a few houses to see on monday and i’m really hoping some new ones pop up. wish us luck. we need it! so far henri’s allergies + asthma are great! ivan not so much.



wow these last few weeks have been tough. exhausting to say the least. ivan has been so busy finishing up work projects. he would leave before the kids woke and get home after they were in bed. it was really hard on all of us. on top of that i was left to pack the house. my fuse has been short. making my anxiety + stress levels sky rocketing! we finally got packed up and the house is sold. we left all the furniture + rugs + art + towels + beds + sheets. pretty much everything we own. we took our personal belonging and the items in the kitchen. you would think that would make moving a breeze but nope. i still did all the packing you normally do, just didn’t move the big stuff. my life is in a 14 foot trailer in storage right now.


we are making our rounds, saying goodbye to family. my sisters little boy was sick friday so we had to skip saying goodbye to them. luckily i saw her earlier in the week. we spent the night at ivans parents friday night. lots of swimming + laughing. we ate our favorite mexican food for dinner. seattle just doesn’t do mexican food like az does. we got to say good bye to a few of our greatest friends and then headed up to pine to stay the night with my parents. its all very bitter sweet. its so hard saying goodbye. az has always been home and always will be. at the same time we are ready for a new adventure and even more ready to see if our baby can grow out of his asthma. its hotter than heck in phoenix right now making it all the easier to go. the weather in pine is pretty great. i’m sitting in bed listen to an amazing thunder storm.


next stop is my sister’s in orange county. we can’t wait to see them. spend a few days on the beach with cousins. eat some of our favorite foods and RELAX. heaven knows we are beat! i’m so lucky to have such an awesome husband who works so hard for our family. who is up for an adventure and helps me stay positive when i ask him if we are totally nuts.



we purged a lot of toys. i don’t even know where these all were! i swear toys were multiplying.


this pretty much sums up my life. all those boxes. everything i own, right there!


i had a hard time driving away. i was so rushed trying to get everything moved  + cleaned. i didn’t have time to be sad. i was even rushing to an appointment as i drove off with a trailer hooked up to my car. i hopped out and got one last picture. i love that farm. i love the cement we put our hand prints in. i love the tree ivan carved our initials in. in my heart that will always be my farm. i hope the new owners love it as much as we did.





i am currently looking for a place in seattle. the prices are skyrocketing and the houses are teeny tiny. its kind of funny, living in the suburbs like we do right now and all that goes with it. everyone wants a huge house with a big backyard and a pool. an oversized suv. a bedroom for each kid so they don’t have to share. a playroom. an office. a movie room. it all makes me laugh. the rest of the world doesn’t live like this. the me just over a year ago thought i need the same thing. until i moved into 1819 sq feet with 4 kids a husband 1 dog and 6 chickens. yes i do have an amazing 1+ acre backyard and that makes up for a lot. but really i could never see myself living in a 3500+ sq foot house ever again. my sister sent me a picture of a pillow and i can’t remember exactly what it said but something to the effect of we don’t mind our small house we actually like being in the same room as each other. made me laugh so hard. she also lives in a small space in california and loves it. i think we all dream of having a little more room for that craft space or bigger laundry room. i’ve come to realize i don’t need all that extra “stuff”. you know the stuff that sits around and never gets used. the “nice” stuff and the “everyday” stuff. i caught myself not using the serving dishes i really love and saving them for special occasions that happened twice a year. what a waste! when we moved from our last house we lost almost 600 sq ft but gained a lot more yard which meant a lot less time cleaning and a lot more time playing with the kids outside. a lot more picnics under the eucalyptus trees. i got rid off all the junk we didn’t need, the toys that didn’t get played with. the clothes that didn’t get worn. the ugly dishes. anything i didn’t love or use everyday went. i can’t tell you what a burden that extra stuff puts on your life. it feels amazing for everything to have a spot. no junk drawers. no closets full of clutter. if it doesn’t bring us happiness it doesn’t stay. that also means i don’t just buy to buy. i weigh my decisions. do i need it? if not, it doesn’t come home with me. this will save you a lot of money and even more regret and waste.  here are a few tips that helped me break free of all the clutter.

– evaluate what you have. do you need it? do you love it? start by getting rid of anything broken or that has missing pieces. next if you haven’t used it in a year it goes. if this is hard for you, box it up put it in the garage. if you don’t open that box in a year take it straight to the goodwill. no need to even open it again, you already know you don’t use it.

– i stopped reading websites/blogs that tell me i need to buy. consumerism gets the best of all of us. everywhere i turn i’m being told how great the newest hair, shoes, clothes, cleaning products are. how they will change my life only to be told a month later how great the latest product is and how mine is now junk. they are paid to tell you that. they received that product for free and are paid to promote it. which is fine but im not taking it as their real opinion. i’ve fallen into this in the past and i end up with 10 different kids of hair smoothing serum, non were great. i however do love an honest favorites list. somethings work better than others and i like getting my moneys worth.

– realize whats important to you and work on that first. is it having a playroom? then maybe having two kids share a room is worth the trade off. we don’t need huge homes we need our current home being used in the most functional way possible. our home is three bedrooms + a large playroom. our kids share a bedroom and they love it. it keeps them close and keeps the toys out of their bedroom.

-everything has a spot. if you don’t have a spot for something you either need to get rid of it or get rid of something else to make room. when toys are arranged nicely on a shelf they are more likely to get played with. this makes cleaning up easier. i like to keep crayons/markers + craft supplies in nice jars or containers. i do the same with my pantry. oxo makes great airtight stackable containers. this keeps things neat a tidy.

– keep up on decluttering. this is a weekly/monthly chore. weekly, get rid of extra school papers + mail + trinkets from birthday party’s or mcdolands toys. monthly, go through closets + drawers and anywhere clutter is starting to pile up.

im not a minimalist in the sense of having 20 items of clothes and 1 blanket on my bed. i do keep “things” to a minimum to make room for memories. i spent a lot of my childhood cleaning. i remember most saturdays not getting to go play because we had to clean. it was bizarre as a child, i remember a friends sister saying “yeah right! you always say you have to clean. you guys are not cleaning that much.” we were. my mom has too much stuff. she holds onto stuff instead of memories. she still does and every time i talk to her she tells me how overwhelmed she is. how messy her house is and how she has to spend her weekends cleaning. no amount of cleaning will help with the clutter. get rid of things. enjoy your life and have fun with your family. you don’t want your kids to say all we did my whole childhood was clean!




i’ve been debating on the timing of writing this for a while now. thinking of where to even begin. so i’ll start all the way back. we always talk about moving to another state. i mean always. i’m more of a fantasizer and ivan’s more of a realist. every vacation we take i’m weighing whether we could live there or not. doesn’t matter where it is. i start picking out my favorite neighborhood and how i could walk to the store and look how cute that school is. i just really enjoy day dreaming and ivan likes to bring me back down to earth. he always jokes that if i married someone like myself we’d be homeless. he’s my voice of reason.  right before we bought the farm i told him this is our chance to move if we want to take it. we could buy the farm or we could move out of state. he pushed for buying the farm and i resigned to living in az forever and truth be told i was happy with that.


a few months back after the longest hardest winter henri has had with his asthma, ivan said to me we have to move. now i’m thinking he’s joking. i’ve said lets move a million and one times and he always reigns me in and goes over all the reasons we can’t. so i said really??? he said yes, he went over how he couldn’t forgive himself if henri had life long asthma and he could have somehow prevented it. herni’s asthma has been no joke this year. he’s been on more antibiotic + steroids + nasal sprays + saline solutions + allergy pills + inhalers + essential oils + vapor rubs + cough drops (did i forget anything???) than you can imagine. none of them have worked. we try every preventative medicine we can to keep it from turning into an antibiotic + steroid situation but we still keep going there. within a week of getting off the antibiotics + steroids he starts coughing again which then turns into fevers and a rattling chest. the coughing is a enough to make you mad. its all day and allll night. no one sleeps. his allergy dr. said to me right now this is childhood asthma and he can grow out of it but if he keeps having this many episodes it will be life long.


a little bit about henri’s asthma- its triggered by allergies and sickness. he also has cough variant asthma so its a constant cough. its been so bad he couldn’t even talk, he would start coughing even trying to get words out. he gets fevers from it. he feels down and out. he can’t play grass sports. he can’t play on a slip and slide or in wet grass. he can’t be outside when the weather does its random spikes + drops or windy days or those health advisory days. he can’t be around a camp fire. he can’t go outside if anyone on the whole street is mowing. its exhausting and sometime i let my guard down and let him play in the irrigation and then boy do we pay for it. his asthma affects every aspect of his life and ours too. its difficult to watch your baby suffer constantly. i’ve gone back and forth with his allergy dr. and we’ve both come to the agreement this is a bad place for henri to live. az used to be the best place for asthma suffers. back when it was a dessert. then everyone decided to bring their nice pretty flowers and plants and this dry air just blows the pollen all around. that combined with the over population and topography of this valley. its a disaster for asthma + allergy suffers. we bloom year round. if magically we get a freeze and everything dies we are still dealing with sicknesses which triggers his asthma.


we had been going back and forth with the idea of moving when one night we ran into some friends at our favorite sushi joint.  they said they wanted to bring their brother over to see our house. they were looking for something just like our house. we looked at each other and i said do they want our house? they didn’t end up buying our house but that set the whole thing in motion. we listed it and got a buyer right away. we love the family buying the house which makes it so much easier. they love everything about the house and are even buying our furniture!! i have to admit i did cry my eyes out when they sent in the offer. this was supposed to be the house i raised my kids in. but having an awesome family who can appreciate all the love and handwork we put into this place makes it easier. that and all the coughing. i know this is whats right for our family. i know i can’t continue to keep medicating henri with no relief from his symptoms. he is allergic to every tree on our property + the animals around us + the grass. we’ve made great memories here. i loved remodeling this house. i’d do it again in a heartbeat. i’m also excited for this next chapter.


so whats next?? i get asked this daily. well we don’t really know. how fun is that? i’ve let myself get wrapped up in the nonsense i get for moving the kids. after talking with a friend who travels/moves a lot with kids it made me realize we are all just doing the best we can and what works for one family doesn’t work for another. this works for us. my kids are happy + well adjusted. they love traveling. they love adventure. they have an amazing relationship with each other and with us. henri’s health is what is most important to all of us. we are trying to decide our next step. we want a vacation or fun adventure before we settle into our new life. do we travel up the coast, go to our favorite cities along the way and end up seattle? do we go the opposite direction and head towards the east coast then up to boston and back west? (thats a lot of car time) do we just go to hawaii? for a week or a month?? maybe for good. (my hang up with hawaii is the lack of good healthcare and schooling. i need a good pediatric cardiologist) we need to be on the water. humidity is so good for henri. north carolina? boston? oregon or seattle?? we are lucky enough to be able to pick any city and go. so for now we wait for this house to close and then we are off. any ideas, thoughts or advice is welcome. where would you go? we want an adventure but need to be near a city (doctors for both jack and henri) the ocean or water for the humidity and a great community for families.

i figure this is a once in a lifetime chance. we won’t have much for belongings. we are sort of free of any baggage. i live for this kind of freedom. i can’t wait for henri to be able to breathe without inhalers + medicine. i love a good adventure and can’t wait to start this one. stay tuned!


lots of good memories made in this house












DSC03282 - Version 2

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we bought our farm a little over a year ago.  the land is amazing but the house was stuck in 1974.  not a thing had been updated since it was built.  we remodeled the entire house inside and out.  initially we were looking for a bigger house.  we weren’t sure if this 1800 sq. ft tiny house could fit all six of us.  but it does, perfectly.  we’ve lived in a lot of different houses ranging from 1,000 – 4,000 sq ft.  i’m realizing we like a smaller home.  it keeps us close.  it keeps my kids close.  this backyard keeps their imaginations going.  i really do like having less stuff and making more memories.  we really love farm life.


















the yard was the selling point of the house for us.  its a little over an acre in the heart of the city.  we have an orchard with 5 different kinds of oranges + a lemon tree + a pink grapefruit tree + 3 pecan trees.  we love bbq-ing and having friends over.  this yard is the perfect setting for both.




Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset




i saw these little tassel door hangers online and have been wanting to make them.  they’re a great project to work on with the kids.  these might be taking over my house soon.


i sewed a million pillows.  alright not a million but 12.  once i started i couldn’t stop until every pillow had a new cover on it.  guess i was feeling extra crafty today.
ivan made some jalapeño cheese bread.  dang it, is that stuff good!  we gave a loaf to the neighbors so we didn’t eat it all.
look at all that cheese!!  i love cheese.tacos for dinner because we eat tacos for dinner at least once a week.  i told you we eat too much mexican food.

and then we played in the backyard because we could.  because the weather wasn’t too awful and the kids especially jack loves being outside.  look at jacks pink big toe.  i painted elle’s nails and he wanted some too.  so he got one toenail.  the big toe no less.

and this right here is why sundays are so good.  our church time is good right now too.  so im enjoying it until they switch us.  i can’t wait for the weather to change and the holidays to come.  please tell me i’m not the only one planing halloween costumes.

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