if theres one thing i love it’s looking at houses. i love a sunday drive through a charming neighborhood scoping out all the details of each home. here in southern california i see a lot of white houses with black detail. which is great and something i love. we designed our home back in az that way, but too much similarity in a neighborhood takes the charm out of it. one of my favorite things about our neighborhood in seattle was the variation in homes. homes of every color and style. it was hard to find two that looked alike. while we were up in northern california this past weekend we went to sacramento for ivans work. while we were there we drove the the most charming neighborhood of historic homes. man, did they really know how to build homes a hundred years ago. so much character and detail. i snapped a few pictures. these houses are all in the 38th street neighborhood– between j st and folsom blvd in east sacramento.


i love the arched door and windows. that brick porch is everything.


again i love the brick steps up to the house.


the roof line, windows and yard are perfection.


i love how unique each of these houses are. i love the dark navy door and hedges.


this house decorated for the holidays. so classic and simple.


this home reminds me of the houses in my grandmas neighborhood in wisconsin. i love the covered parking and the entrance.


how great is that balcony and patio?





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