farmers market


our little neighborhood in seattle has a farmers market each week. each of the neighborhoods has their own on different days. we decided to walk down and bring pearl. i think it wore her out. she laid around for the rest of the day (ha!) it was hot too. luckily all the shops along the main street have doggy stops with water bowls for her to get a drink and cool down. the neighborhood farmers markets are really great. not nearly as busy as pike place but has a lot of the great food pike’s has to offer. the walk there is always fun. lots of exploring and looking around. while the walk home is usually more mellow + talking about whats on the kids market - 1 farmers market - 2 farmers market

we had to stop and grab a yogurt at the ellenos stand. the marionberry pie is still our fav. lemon curd is a close secondfarmers market

we’ve heard about nosh, supposedly the best fish and chips in the city. its a food truck and the few times we looked for them they weren’t close by. so when we found the truck at the farmers market we had to give it a try. the best fish and chips i have ever had!! even better than the bow picker in astoria. the tartar sauce was heaven. the fish was so light + crispy. fries were great. even the mushy peas weren’t bad. if you spot the nosh truck don’t pass it up!!farmers market farmers market - 7

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