Hall bathroom and Jack’s room

I tried to keep everything in the house neutral and use accessories for pops of color.  That way if I change my mind I can easily get rid of that color and move on to the next.  My kids call this house the “white house” in a very wahhh wahhh voice.  Like its the worst thing ever.  I’m so happy I went with all white.  I think in a small space white makes it look so much bigger and less like the dungeon.  I used the same cabinets and marble throughout the whole house.  I kept everything simple and clean.  I’m becoming a professional on minimalism.  I’ll post on that another day.  You really can live with less and be really happy about it.  Less clutter in your house = less clutter in your head.  I promise.

Ive already posted a few pictures of Jack’s room but here’s the whole thing.  I got rid of all the noisy, annoying toys and narrowed it down to those two baskets and a shelf full of books.  I once had a giant playroom overflowing with toys and kids who thought they had nothing to do.  Minimizing the clutter actually makes them able to see the toys they have and be content with only a few things.

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