seattle has got to best the best place to trick or treat! the city is so beautiful in the fall. the trees, the cool weather the overcast skies. its all very dreamy. i’ve lost all control picking out ava’s costume but she decided on a really cute one on her own this year. of course i always want the kids to coordinate but they don’t and thats a battle i don’t care enough to win. henri had his heart set on a sumo wrestler which i thought was cute and so fitting of his personality. they got to bring their costumes to school and dress up in them the last hour of the day for their party. i showed up for his party and he told me he didnt want to put his costume on. he was worried what one boy was going to say. i mentioned it to the teacher and she gave a little speech on being respectful and kind to each other. he ended up putting it on and i was so glad he did. everyone loved his costume including the kid he was worried about. elle wanted to be anything fancy and jack didn’t care so they were frankenstein and the bride of frankenstein. i really loved their costumes!



jacks other costume was a minion. he’s obsessed with them and calls them minyets. he wandered the streets of capitol hill as a minion.



the kids school had a halloween bash. we all had a great time. jack figured out how to win the marshmallow eating contest.






i really need to start using my camera. i phone pics just aren’t great. especially at night. this is the best i got of them all together. those leaves!!



we were heading to dinner after trick or treating and stumbled into this halloween parade in freemont. police escorts shut down the street to let them pass so we got to watch the whole thing.



jack insisted on trying on henri’s costume and he loved it!


  • Gloria Heinze

    January 3, 2016 at 6:11 am Reply

    Yay!! You are back! I love Seattle so much. We moved away to return to my husbands home state of Cali. We live in SoCal and it’s pretty here but Seattle cannot be beat! The food, the coffee, the people! Love all of it. Keep those posts coming girl!:)

    • amanda

      January 3, 2016 at 5:42 pm Reply

      I am and it feels good to be back at it!! Seattle is such a great city isn’t it?! I’m dreaming of that SoCal warm sunshine though :). Thanks for reading along, it really does mean a lot to me. xo

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