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this weekend its been hot! like reaaaalllly hot. i know i really can’t say that to my arizona peeps because they’ll just laugh at me. but the difference between here and there is this beautiful thing called air conditioning. here we have none. so we’ve been sweating a lot. saturday we went in search of a good beach. after trekking all over magnolia trying to find the best spot to park to get down the water and parking in the worst possible spot then hiking a half mile with 4 kids + heavy bag we decided to head to ballard. we grabbed lunch at un bien (the former owners of paseo) i got on my phone and searched for the best beaches in seattle. golden gardens seemed most promising. oh boy was it. free parking (unheard of in cali) concession stand + bathrooms + playground + volley ball nets. not to mention a short walk from parking to the beach! the kids played, ava + elle were brave enough to get in while henri + jack played in the sand. it was quite lovely. we spent most of last week furniture hunting + painting + cleaning so it was so nice to just sit. we found a pretty decent mexican food restaurant too. i can’t wait to have my dishes + pans here. we’ve all decided what we want for dinner the first week i can actually cook. tacos + spaghetti + eggs + bacon. eating out is only fun for so long.

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we went to church on sunday. the first thing i noticed is church doesn’t have air!! the doors are open the windows are open. oh its a whopping 93 + humid. in other words miserable. ivan sweat all through church. our ward is great. lots of fun people. transplant like us. most are here for amazon + gates foundation+ microsoft + boeing. so many of them told me they felt the same way as i do, initially. thinking it was temporary and they’d be home in a few years, then they fell in love with the city. some had gone to the suburbs and come back because they love the city life. its always good to hear positive things about a new place especially when you’re so unsure of it already. my anxiety is slowly starting to fade. i’m starting to get the hang of this place. my neighborhood is getting a little more comfortable. i walked to trader joe’s and back without getting lost. i’ve got a few last things to buy for the house + a lot of packages in the mail right now. ivan’s going back for the trailer in a few days. by the end of the week it should start looking like a home around here.

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jack loves checking the mail. we have two sets of steps between our house and the street. the mail box is between them so every time we head out he has to stop and check.

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this sign at the school made me laugh. i have yet to see anyone out with their pot bellied pig. in our old neighborhood this might have applied but here in the center of the city i can’t imagine.


i’m sure i’ve already said this, maybe 10 times. the traffic is horrifying all the time. i read it was bad but i wasn’t fully prepared. i don’t think it will be a big deal once we are settled but right now we are driving a lot. costco + furniture shopping + target. theres always traffic all the time. bridge work + accidents + traffic for no reason. a lady at church was giving me tips for around the city. like if you want to hangout downtown, park at the target. the spots are big and parking is free if you spend $20 at target. you can hang out downtown, get your target run in + free parking all at once. ill keep that in my back pocket. also theres an app for the bus. a lot of people ride it. it seems to be convenient + clean + easy. biking downtown seems impossible. we live at the top of the hill and i’m pretty sure i’d flip the bike trying to get up. ava wants a scooter + i can’t wait for monday. it’s supposed to cool down to 77 then 73-81 the rest of the week. sundays national ice-cream day. i don’t care for ice-cream much except for a few flavors from specific places. like molly moons here in seattle. ivan got me salted caramel and i’ve been working on it for 3 days now. a few bites at night is just perfect. its extra salty, sort of reminds me of cheese. i know how awful that sounds. ivan thinks it tastes putrid. i can’t stop painting. it started with the front two rooms i moved onto the kitchen then the hall now i want to do the bathroom. white just brightens up the place so much and looks so clean. another problem over here is that i can’t figure out the garbage situation. we have three. one for recycling and its normal size. one for compost, also normal size and another for trash. that can is tiny, about knee high. recycle comes every other week. i’m looking for an garbage i can keep in the house with 3 separate slots. seen any? i really don’t want to have three separate garbages in my small kitchen. the whole composting thing is a great idea but do i just keep a can of rotting trash in the kitchen? thats gonna smell. why is the regular trash soooo small and why is recycling only coming twice a month? thats enough rambling for now. hope everyones enjoying the monsoons back home. i sure do miss them!

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this is the actual house that was inspiration for the movie UP. its in the ballard neighborhood, just right over the ballard bridge. i see it every time we drive over. the woman who lived their, Edith Macefield, refused to sell and was even offered 1 million dollars in 2006. she passed away in 2008 and left it to the new buildings superintendent. it was sold to someone wanting to open a pie shop in ediths name. the building ended up being too expensive to get up to code and is offered free to a nonprofit that will move it so the land can be sold. if you are in the seattle area and have kids its really great to go see. my kids were so excited that the “up” house really exists.

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