Life according to my iPhone 7-2014

Does anyone else let their baby tear up the bathroom so they can get ready?  Toilet paper keeps him busy for at least 5 min. I went back to blonde.  It feels good.  Jumping on the tramp with a hose, that’s childhood right there. Jack and Elle fight over the stool when I’m making dinner.
Chickens are getting huge.  Jack’s finally big enough to hold up a light saber.  Elle crying her eyes out because we had to leave church early, such a sweet girl.  I love when he lays his head on me.
Elle has lots of cool tricks, tucking her lip in is her latest.  Jack is petrified of the car wash.  Lots of chicken eggs these days.


Yep, we are still nursing.  My henny, he’s just so sweet and photogenic, the only one in the family.  Went to Pine to escape the heat.  Elle stuffed plastic cupcakes down her shirt and said looook mom.  What am I gonna do with her?

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