hawai’i is so magical and beautiful and i’ve fallen in love hard. this island has my heart. it’s very different living in hawai’i vs the mainland. i think i’ll do a little post here soon about some of the big differences and things i’ve learned. i’m a researcher. i’m constantly researching vacations, our next move and restaurants to try. i love hearing others views and thoughts. we can learn so much from each other. so i figure why not share what i’ve learned along the way. that will be another day though.IMG_3947the kids started school and absolutely love it. they leave their slippers by the front door of class and walk around barefoot all day. they never ever wear tennis shoes. because its so much more fun to play kickball barefoot. they’ve made great friends. the people in hawai’i are so friendly and the kids really fit right in. i got a lot of “you have to do private school” or “are you nuts?? you’re sending your kids to public school” but we’ve been really happy with the school so far. this is only their third week but we researched and found a really great public school with lots of parent involvement and we went with it. i love that they get to learn about another culture so deeply. they are learning hawaiian words and the pledge in hawaiian. i told ivan i want to move somewhere in south america next and just soak it all in. IMG_4056 IMG_4191 IMG_4212ivan and i have been talking a lot lately about life and our future and what we want for our kids. one thing hawai’i has taught us is that we don’t need things to make us happy. we are the happiest we’ve ever been right here in the middle of the ocean. we have a handful of clothes. we don’t have tv. my kids don’t ask for every toy they see on commercials. we have the ocean and skatepark right here and it keeps them happy and busy. deep down i think ivan and are gypsies. we love to wander and travel. i sort of hate being tied to anywhere. i’ve seen a lot of families traveling the world with their kids. i sort of want to do that!IMG_4222we’ve been dealing with all sorts of skin issues with jack lately. the crazy weird bumps/rash he had in seattle returned. i went to 3 different pediatricians in seattle and a pediatrician here and no one could figure it out. i finally took him to a dermatologist in hawai’i and he said its eczema. which is weird because it doesn’t look like the eczema my other kids had. its manifesting differently but its got me on a path to heal him. he’s also allergic to mosquitos, think swollen limbs, hot and red and so so itchy. which leads to scratching and we have to cover so he doesn’t get staph again. he was breaking into hives too. not sure what thats about but he got them for days on end. he’s sort of a mess inside and its coming out through his skin. i like to take the most natural approach i can so i contacted my sweet friend shari (enlightened homemaker on instagram. go follow her, you won’t regret it!) we’ve come up with a plan of action. lots of vitamins and supplements and completely clearing out his diet. i see his skin already improving! such a blessing. i’ve been suffering with allergies in hawai’i. i swear we are the allergy family. its really only when the yard guys come but they’re here every other week and then i’m sneezing for days on end along with congestion. i can’t take an allergy pill without feeling groggy and tired, even daytime ones. its weird and i hate being in a fog. ivan came up with a perfect blend of essential oils when he was suffering with allergies. i rub it on my chest and i’m not joking its better than any pill. its a mix of melaleuca, breath and eucalyptus. give it a try! i do it a few times a day and definitely before bed and voila!

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