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puerto penasco is one our favorite places to visit.  i came a lot as a child and i love bringing my own family down there to the same beaches i spent my childhood on.  its changed so much since i was little. its such a small town so there are not many options for food but i wanted to share a few of our favorites.  the next time you take a trip down you should try them out.

las palomas resort and spa- this is where we always stay.  the rooms are big and there is plenty for the whole family to do.  the kids love the pool and water slide.  they have chairs and umbrellas on the beach to relax at.  they have golfing + spa’s + restaurants all right in the hotel.

taco’s el poblano- this is the first place we stop at when we get in town.  the waiter, fransisco knows us and just asks if we want the regular.  probably my very favorite meal in any city.  ivan and i get the caramelo taco’s, al pastor + cheese + guacamole + pico.  i top them with their green salsa and get a coke.  the kids get the cheese quesadilla’s and a fanta.

rosy’s- we get breakfast here.  we love the huevos rancheros and the kids get chocolate chip pancakes.

koffee hause- i get the stuffed french toast.  ivan gets the carne huevos rancheros, he says its even better than rosy’s.  the kids get the pancakes.

la curva- ivan loves the el pollo godorniz.  we love the chips they bring out before you order.  the mariachi’s sing to you at your table which the kids love.

thrifty’s ice cream- we go here after taco’s el poblano.  it’s just across the street.

max’s- i love their virgin bloody mary.  i know its an acquired taste but if you like a bloody mary they have the best i’ve ever had.

potato burritos on the beach.  also a breakfast favorite.  just wait for someone, prefferably sonya to pass by.  i like the soft and the crunchy with a side of valentina

mangos on the beach are our favorite snack.  just wait for someone to walk by selling them or there’s a stand outside las palomas resort.  i like mine with lime + chili + chamoy.  the kids like theirs with lime only.

get a pina colada in a pineapple.  you can find them off the side of the road just about anywhere.

visit choya bay mall for mexican blankets + dresses + vanilla and any sort of authentic mexican souvenir you want to bring home.  we also drive down to the fish market for fresh fish and shrimp and stop by mary’s for a shrimp cocktail.

we bring down our ranger, park our car at the condo and drive that around instead.  its a lot of fun and we can ride the sand dunes on the way into town.

on our home way we like to stop and grab tortillas in sonoyta.


Rocky Point Mexico

rocky point mexico

Rocky Point Mexico





i love when they play so much that they are this exhausted








everyday these guys on the beach would make a sand animal and everyday henri would recreate it in a smaller version


jack loved the mangos


my favorite beach snack



the left is the green salsa i love at tacos elpoblano


al pastor at tacos el poblano


tacos el poblano


la curva chips with sauce they give you before your meal


jack loved the pina colada



  • Julie B

    March 10, 2016 at 6:33 am Reply

    We are thinking of taking our family to Puerto Penasco in a week. Biggest question I have: Is it safe? We will be traveling in our RV. We are adventurous but have heard conflicting thoughts. Looks like you brought your kids and had a great time but would like to hear your thoughts. Thank you!

    • amanda

      March 18, 2016 at 4:45 am Reply

      I’ve been going to Rocky Point since I was little and have never had any issues. My sister has a condo down there and they go every month with their 5 kids and have never had a problem. I think its safe, especially going through Sonoyta. Once you’re over the border the drive to Rocky Point is about 45 min, so its quick. Once you’re in Rocky Point you won’t need to worry at all. Typically the people who tell you all the horror stories have never actually been there. As long as you obey the laws (don’t speed!!) and are respectful you’ll be fine. It’s also spring break so there will be a lot of Americans down there with you. Mexicans are some of the nicest people and I know you’ll have the best time! Eat a mango for me 😉 I think you can still park your rv at playa bonita if you don’t already have a spot reserved.

      • Julie Bakker

        March 18, 2016 at 1:02 pm Reply

        Thank you Amanda! We love Mexico, and have taken our children to other spots, but this will be the first time we aren’t staying in a resort. I feel confident, but we have had some concern expressed by family/friends.That, in turn, makes me second guess myself, which I shouldn’t do. We are winging it, which is adventurous! And, we are looking forward to staying at the beach. I am going to write down your restaurant recommendations. I appreciate you answering my questions. And, I will definitely have a mango and give you a cheers while on the beach! 🙂

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