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if you know me then you know i love food. you also know i love a good burger. i’m always on the hunt for a burger and i have to say red mill did not disappoint. it was getting late in the day and we were looking for somewhere to eat close to home. red mill is just down the hill so we decided to give it a try. right away i loved that they had outdoor seating, perfect for us! ivan ordered the bacon deluxe with cheese and i got the blue cheese and bacon.  i typically don’t like bacon from anywhere but home. its never cooked right and undercooked bacon may just be the worst thing in the world. am i right??! i figured i would take it off. i really just wanted the blue cheese. i was wrong, the bacon was crispy and delicious!! we also got a side of fries + onion rings. i loved the fries, didn’t care much for the onion rings. ivan liked them.

redmill burgers - 1

my girl loves the camera!

redmill burgers - 3

ivans burger and onion rings. that bacon!!

redmill burgers - 5

jack loves dip. i’m pretty sure I’ve already mentioned this. maybe too many times.

redmill burgers - 6

i had them cut mine in half, i had plans to not scarf down the whole burger but really it was too good to waste. i loved the fresh tomatoes + lettuce.

redmill burgers - 7

these two!! deep conversations i tell you.

redmill burgers - 8

we had big plans to order milkshakes. i knew if i ate anymore i wouldn’t be able to walk to the car so i figured i’d do myself a favor and get one another time. we also decided we’d walk next time.

red mill burgers

my giant suburban. i laugh at this beast + parking in seattle. its a joke. she’s been good to us but i think its time for her to go. now can i do the whole public transportation + walking? i think so… but i think i really can’t make that decision until after school starts. if you’re in seattle check out red mill burgers. its a nice change of pace from the downtown chaos.

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