we really love seattle.  although i feel like we still have so much to explore in our favorite city and im sure i will have more to add when we head back up in a few months.  i do have a good start on what to do and where to stay.  so i thought id share with you a city guide on seattle.


Seattle gasworks


 what to eat

pike place chowder- in pike place. hands down the best chowder i’ve ever had.  ever.

piroshky piroshky- in pike place.  i get the moscow roll and its amazing.  i tend to lean towards the sweet over the savory but both are good.

beecher’s handmade cheese- in pike place.  the mac and cheese is to die for.  its more of an adult mac and cheese but my kids love it just as much as i do.

the crumpet shop- i love the pesto tomato and english cheese and the vermont.

daily dozen doughnut shop- in pike place. the best hot mini doughnuts

honey hole- capital hill.  they make some really great sandwiches and fries.

scooters burgers- great for a quick burger and fries.  get the onion rings and shake too!

paseo-  you cant go to seattle and not go to paseo.  the line will be long but it will move fast.  get the carribean roast.  its really really messy but really really good.

din tai fung- i always talk about this place.  its just so good.  we eat here several times every time we come.  get the juicy pork dumplings, shrimp and pork dumplings with spicy sauce, these are my absolute favorite and the green beans.  the best green beans you will ever eat.  i know green beans don’t sound exciting but i promise you will crave these.

dicks drive in-  a seattle staple.  there are several locations and they’ve been around forever.  burgers + fries + shakes.  don’t try and change your burger toppings, they won’t let you.  to keep things moving fast it only comes one way.  oh and its super cheap.

el diablo coffee- in queen anne, mexican hot chocolate + whipped cream.  the best.


what to do

discovery park

woodland park zoo

ferry to bainbridge island

space needle

emp museum

seattle aquarium

museum of flight

the pacific science center

seattle children museum

visit the fremont troll

pike place

ferris wheel on the water front- this one was tough for me.  its enclosed and i’m extremely claustrophobic.  its about 10 minutes but since it wasn’t busy when we went he let us keep going.  i wanted to die.

go on a hike

go to the beach

gum wall

go to a football game- the crowd is called the 12th man for a reason

there are plenty of outdoor places to explore.  we love to find the closest trail and go for a walk.  we usually end up at the water and play there for a while then hike back.






Crumpet shop pesto





Gum wall seattle



Din tai fung







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