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i’ve been doing a lot of eating (i mean research) lately. trying to find our new favorite places to grab a bite to eat in our new town. here are a few that we will be visiting again soon.


red mill burgers- i mentioned this place last week. the burgers + fries were pretty good.

redmill burgers - 3

tup tim thai- we’ve eaten here twice already. we loved the chicken panang + fried rice. did not love the pad see ew, that was a total bummer since thats usually my favorite thai dish. this one lacked flavor. our first time we asked for medium spicy, on a scale of 1-5 i think we said 3. not nearly as spicy as we were used to back home. why is everyone scared of spicy here?? anyways we upped it to a 4-5, much better. just a side note if you like spicy.


oasis bagel- the kids and i went friday for dinner after talking with a friend from NYC earlier in the day, filling me in on the best bagel in seattle. i loved the everything bagel with scallion cream cheese. the kids loved it too.


nielsens danish bakery- the potato!!! oh man, this was amazing. we ordered 3. i may have eaten most of them. the name is sort of a turn off but try it anyways. you won’t regret it!! it’s a pastry filled with custard + whipped cream covered in marzipan then dusted in dutch cocoa powder. its heaven. we got a snitter too, it was good but the potato was amazing.


ellenos– i also mentioned this one last week. we got it again at the farmers market by our house. they were out of the marionberry with crumble so we got the lemon curd. also really good!

walking downtown - 5

mr. d’s greek delicacies- we got gyros from here. i really like the hot sauce they have in a squeeze bottle on the counter. i also loved the dolamdes. i didn’t love the hummus, too lemony.

walking downtown - 4

uneeda burger- the ingredients were really fresh + the meat was great quality. i tried poutine for the first time here. i like it. the outdoor seating is perfect for seattle in the summer.


if you only try one thing from this list, try the the potato! it will rock your world!!

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