winter, can i say we made it yet? seattle weather is so unpredictable i’m not sure if we are moving into spring or if we have to wait until july. everyone i talk to says something different. the old seattle weather would make us wait until july. i’m counting today as a victory! its sunny and i can see the sun coming out more and the weather sticking in the 50’s. thank heavens!! winter was rainy and dark and for me depressing. i didn’t think i would mind the rain but i have to say i hated it. this was one of seattle’s wettest years and everyone i talked to hated it too. i’m coming out of the funk and realizing why i love seattle all over again. for a minute there i was ready to jump ship and head back to az.


whats seattle winter like? dark, rainy and cold. temps in the 30’s. that bone chilling wet cold. its dark until after 8 and starts getting dark again before 4. during those few hours of light its not really light, its gray and cloudy. you just know the sun is up there somewhere. it rains for days and never stops. i guess you get used to it and just live your life. for me i couldn’t get used to it. granted i am an az girl and in my mind spring should be 75 degrees. with that being said my friends from the midwest say this is better than shoveling snow but we all agree, too much rain!  a friend referred to seattle as a bad relationship. the minute you can’t take anymore and you say you’re gonna leave the sun comes out and its glorious and you remember why you stay. then the vicious cycle starts over. a sunny day in seattle is the most beautiful of days. seattle is the most beautiful city. if you can make it through the winter the summer is pure heaven!


lots and lots of rain




i swear we walked outside one morning and flowers were everywhere. finally a sign of spring. the flowers bloom like crazy in seattle. spring on a sunny day is glorious. seattle i love you again!



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